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Behind the Music 2 (US, TV)
on VH1
March 21, 2000

Tori Amos interview/documentary

[watch on youtube]

partial transcript

Matt Sorum says: She was sort of put into a mold that they kind of saw would work for that time period: "Ok, here we have this girl. We need a beat. And we're gonna have her dance around in a video."

Eric Rosse says: Everyone goes through a phase where you want to be something you're not. She was coming off of the first bum record, you know, that just bombed completely and tested her self-worth, self-esteem, all those things.

Very, very, very limited budget, with limited time and limited space. Tiny, tiny, tiny guest house, where we had to take all the clothes out of the closet in order to record guitars.


I'm a hunter. But I just had to decide: will I hunt anything?

The importance for me is that Mother Mary does have her sexuality and the Magdalene has her wisdom and her spirituality. And that was circumcised from both of them. And as Christian women, we had to pick one or the other. So, I'm very much a recovering Christian.

Karen Binns says: She had a slight devastation, but the devastation of a teenager, more or less, who's lost the love that she had in high school, and what is she gonna do now...


You know, not everybody hangs out together when we're not touring together.

But there is something that, when we're together, the four make a whole.


It sometimes has that Grateful Dead appearance. Except less patchouli oil, and better shoes.

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