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July 9, 2001

Is This the Real Slim Shady?

Can the same words be both offensive and progressive? "The view changes depending on where you're standing," says Tori Amos. For her album "Strange Little Girls", due in September, Amos reveals that she has covered 12 famous male penned songs-including Eminem's "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" - without changing the lyrics. The point? To expose what she sees as music's pervasive misogyny by animating men's songs from a woman's perspective. Amos says she invented and "befriended" a dozen different women (she has taken publicity photos dressed as all of them), through whom she sings tracks by the Velvet Underground, Neil Young, the Beatles, the Boomtown Rats and more. But it's the Eminem track that will get people talking. "Eminem represents so much right now to a whole group of people. And he's a great poet. But when you kill your wife, you don't get to control whom she becomes friends with when she's dead."

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