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September 25, 2001

Tori Amos

Tori Amos's album of song interpretations, Strange Little Girls, is released today (September 25). The collection features her versions of songs originally recorded by Depeche Mode, Eminem, Joe Jackson, the Beatles, and others.

Several songs on the album were available on the Internet as illegal downloads prior to the album's release. Amos told LAUNCH about her feelings on illegal downloads. "It's a reflection on you, really, not me," she said. "Because if I taste wine, and I like it, I'm not going to put the bottle in my purse, because I want them to continue making that wine. That's what I want them to do, and I understand what it takes people to make a good wine, a little bit. And if you are going to treat people right and you're going to value, value, what it takes...I've been playing since I was 2-and-a-half, this is what I do. So, if you're at a place where you need to take it, then you take it."

Amos added, "There might be one day, in a place, where you go, 'OK I wanna just show my expression of gratitude that this work has done for me,' then you might buy it."

Amos considers one other option. "Now, if we're going to get into a barter system, and then you say to me you're going to cook me spaghetti if I come over and play a song--well, if the song sucks you may not want to give me a lot of your precious sauce. But if the spaghetti sucks, maybe I just don't want to... You know, maybe I say the BMW in the driveway is kind of cute for a few songs. Where does the bartering line stop and begin?"

Amos is set to tour Strange Little Girls, starting in Florida on Friday (September 28).

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