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Loveline (US, radio)
syndicated on Westwood One Radio
November 14, 2001

with special guest Tori Amos

Adam: Tori Amos has just stepped into the studio, by the way. Delighted to see you again, my dear.

Tori: Hello, Adam.

Adam: It's good to see you.

Tori: Good to see you too.

Adam: It's, it's, uh, been far too long.

Tori: I know.

Adam: Drew is in San Diego, by the way so say hi to him.

Tori: Hello Dr. Drew, how are you?


I'm good Tori, how are you?

Tori: Really well.


(at the same time Adam is speaking): Good.

Adam: Tori, Tori is, uh, one of the, uh, better souls I know. And, and I think it, it translates through her music and I think her fans see that. I think she, she connects with her fans more than, more than most maybe, maybe better than any. I mean, there's, there's 50, 60 people out there Drew. And you know what that's like...


I believe that's..

Adam: Uh, by LoveLine standards.


That's insane. Plus our, our staff is, is completely beside themselves.

Adam: Yeah. It must be nice. Is that a good feeling?

Tori: You guys are so cute! It's lovely, yeah. But, I'm, um, I'm pretty fortunate to have people that will come hear the music and, you know, not throw tomatoes at me and stuff. And they wanna be there. It's a, it's a reciprocal relationship.

Adam: Yeah. And, but, but don't - and I know you're just going to say yes - but I'm sure you've thought about this. Don't you have, it seems like a more powerful connection with your fans than just about any other act?

Tori: Well, I think that over the years, we've really put the time in to just being there. You know, every day you spend time with people and they do have a story to tell. I'm sure you all find that. Maybe in the beginning, um, I didn't really know what I was getting, was getting myself into but by getting the letters and reading them and listening to people's stories. They amazing thing is everybody does have a story to tell. Now when they feel like you are listening to them, then you start developing, what I was saying before, this reciprocal relationship. It takes two.

Adam: Yeah. Well I, I just saw them all standing out there and I, I know that, uh, our phone screener Lauren was, uh, she went through 3 or 4 pair of panties yesterday.


At least!

-prerecorded screaming-

Adam: And she, she gave me that, "You be nice to her" thing.



Adam: -laughing- You know, she like, she threatened me yesterday. "Don't you do anything to my Tori". And, and so I think there's a, like I said, they feel like they're family. And that's really a great compliment. Uh, Tonight Show, by the way,uh, Tori's going to be on tonight, the, uh, Leno show. I'll be on, uh, I think, Monday.

-prerecorded woman's voice- "whatever"

-Tori laughing-

Adam: Uh, Drew, you've not been on the show yet?

Drew: No, not done that one yet.

Adam: (interrupts) Interesting.

-Tori in the background laughing-

Adam: So, uh, Tori Amos, you've done the show probably many, many times.

Drew: Why, why are you doing the Tonight Show, Adam?

Adam: I know I'll be doing it for my second time. But Drew?

Drew: Why are you doing it?

Adam: No? Well, just..

Drew: No...

Adam: I'm a celebrity!

Drew: I've, I have no reason to do it.

Adam: Have to book, have to book celebrities.

-Tori in the background laughing-

Drew: I see.

Adam: You know how it is, they've got a show to run over there. Uh, let's uh,

Tori: And they want people who will talk.

Adam: That's right.

Tori: Because, just so you know, I mean, they gave me - they always. You know they get you to sit down and do the preshow and say, "Okay Tori, so what's been going on with you?"

Adam: The pre-interview.

Tori: Yeah.

Adam: Right.

Tori: So they sit down and say, "You know, do you have anything to talk about, cause we need", you know, they need to fill up air time.

Adam: Right.

Tori: And you sit there. And, and usually I can't come up with a whole lot right now because I'm singing, "The Wheels On the Bus" and spaghetti and macaroni. I've got a 14 month old.

Adam: Right.

Tori: So, they wanted to talk about, you know, something exciting. And, and macaroni and cheese is exciting, for me right now..

-Dr. Drew laughs-

Tori: But, do you see? They need people that are gonna fill up that air time.

Adam: Right. Well here...

Tori: So that's why you're...

Adam: Yeah..

Tori:'re invited.

Adam: Well, here's how the pre-interview works, uh, for me and Jimmy. "Hey, uh, we just gotta talk to you, want to know what you want to talk about on Monday."

Well, um, you know, uh, we went to a strip club in Vegas...

"Uh, we're not talking about that."


-Tori and Drew laugh in the background-

Adam: Uh, well, Jimmy's been having trouble with his bowels and it's...

"No, no. No, no"

So after about 15, uh, premises we float they go, "All right. We're not talking about any of that."

-Tori and Drew laughter-

Adam: "Now, we'll call back in an hour and you tell us what we're gonna talk about again. But it's not any of the stuff you wanted to talk about."

So at, at a certain point you just have to say ‘what do you want us to talk about'

Tori: Yes

Adam: and then they tell you.

Tori: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah. All right. Uh, the new CD is called, uh, Strange Little Girls. It's all covers and uh, some, and, it's a, it's a very eclectic mix. You got, uh, oh who do you got on here? You've got some Boomtown Rats and there's a Slayer song. And who else? I was just looking at the CD. Here it is. You, oh doesn't uh..

Tori: See, so I'm not gonna bail you out of this one.

Adam: Yeah.

Tori: I'm gonna let you find your way.

Adam: Where the hell is that? Ann, where was I looking at all of that?

-Tori and Drew faintly laughing-

Adam: Drew, you got nothing over there, do you?

Drew: You know, there's a question about, uh, the cover, the songs she covers.

Adam: Oh really?

Drew: Take line 6.

Adam: All right.

-dial tone-

Drew: Whoops.

Adam: you genius.

-prerecorded voice (Stewie from Family Guy) "Unacceptable"-

-Tori laughing-

Adam: Danielle?

Drew: Yeah.

Danielle: Hello?

Adam: You're 17?

Danielle: Hi. Wow. I'm a first time caller, long time listener. I love your show. Um. I had a song request and a question for Tori?

Adam: Here she is.

Danielle: Hi Tori!

Tori: Hi Danielle.

Danielle: Oh my gosh! I can't believe I'm talking to you. Um, I was wondering if you could play American Pie and Smells Like Teen Spirit on your Saturday show? In L.A.?

Tori: Um.

Danielle: If you can make time for it or if...

Tori: I'll write that down and I'll see, um, what's happening...

Danielle: Okay.

Tori: ...At the piano. This is for Saturday?

Danielle: Uh huh.

Tori: Okay. Um, do you guys....?

Drew: Adam, Adam, this is why her fans love her.

Adam: Yeah.

Drew: Are you taking notes on this?

-Danielle laughs-

Drew: This is why people don't like you, Adam.

Adam: Yeah.

-Tori laughs-

Danielle: I love you too, Adam.

Adam: Oh man, Drew, you're really hurting over not doing the Tonight Show, aren't you buddy?

-Tori and Drew laugh-

Adam: So much venom in you, Drew. Uh, oh, I'll give you the other, uh, songs. I mean, there's Neil Young on here. The, uh, Beatles. Uh, like I said, Slayer, Joe Jackson, Stranglers, Depeche Mode, Eminem, Velvet Underground, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions. Uh, there's a, what's the one, Boomtown Rats ‘I Don't Like Monday's'. Remember that, Drew?

Drew: Oh, yeah.

Adam: Yeah, ‘bout the, uh, song about the, uh, kid that like shot his classmates?

Drew: Oh, yeah.

Adam: Remember that? And then, and it was like a true story?

Drew: Oh..

Adam: And the kid, they asked the kid why and he said he didn't like Monday's. Right?

Drew: (sarcasm) Nice.

Tori: She.

Adam: Oh, she. Yeah.

Tori: She said, yes.

Adam: She said she didn't like Monday's

Tori: mm, hmm.

Adam: You remember that story, Drew?

Drew: Yeah.

Adam: No you don't.

-Tori laughs-

-starts playing the intro to I Don't Like Monday's-

Adam: Is this it? Yeah. God, 1979 that song came out, Drew. Can you believe it?

Drew: Oh.

Adam: Feeling old?

Drew: 3, 3 years ago?

-Adam and Tori laugh-

Adam: Yeah. So we'll hear some, uh, we'll hear some stuff off the, uh, new cover CD. Danielle?

Danielle: Uh, huh?

Adam: We got your request.

Danielle: Okay. And, um, I also had a question. Um. What was your, uh, main influence for choosing the songs for Strange Little Girls?

Tori: Well. I got together this laboratory of men. Because if the premise, um, how men say things and what a woman hears. If that were going to work, I really needed to know how men say things and what a man hears. So I got together, uh, quite a few men, from all different kinds of walks and ways of life. And I began to realize that men document their lives by music.

Adam: And women don't do that? As much?

Tori: Maybe. But we do it by shoes also...

-Drew laughs hard-

-Adam laughs-

Tori: ...and photographs and journals, and all sorts of things.

Adam: That's true. We do music.

Tori: And, so, I. As they open their CD treasures they would say, "Well, this is when um, I lost my job and I decided I wasn't, you know, be a mathematician anymore." "And this is when,um, she left me and I decided dadada.... I was gonna move here."

Adam: When did, when did someone do something to Slayer?

-Drew and Tori laugh-

Tori: Slayer was really brought by a guy that said, "You haven't represented the metalers"

-prerecorded metal music plays in background, for maybe 10 seconds-

Adam: Mmm, hmm.

Tori: "And, um, you've represented every other kind of music."

Adam: Right.

Tori: "But, do, do you not like them?"

Adam: No! I'm, I'm cool with Slayer!

Tori: No, no, that's what he asked me!

Adam: Oh, oh he asked you. I thought you were asking me.

-Drew laughs-

Adam: You're a great actress.

Drew: Adam, it's always about you.

-Tori laughs-

Adam: I'm very defensive. "What, what, what, I love Slayer!!"

-Tori and Drew laugh-

Adam: "I roadied for them for awhile."

Tori: No, I asked him, to show. I said, what, "if you were going to, to, you know, do a metal, um..."

Adam: Right

Tori: "...choice. What would it be?"

And he said, "Well, Slayer most influenced me as a musician."

I said, "Show me."

He said, "You're not serious."

I said, "Of course, I'm serious. I don't, I don't really know their work so show me the one that you care about."

And he said, "Well, you have to listen to 'Raining Blood.'"

I said, "Okay, let's go."

Adam: So you did it, and you did it.

Tori: Yeah.

Adam: Uh, Drew?

Drew: Yeah?

Adam: You want to move on to another caller?

Drew: You want to put Danielle on hold?

Adam: Thanks, Danielle.

Danielle: Uh, okay.

Adam: Take care of yourself.

Tori: Bye-bye.

Adam: All right, let's talk to - oops - did I do that? Neil? Neil?

Neil: Yeah.

Adam: You're 20. What's up.

Neil: Hey, what's going on? Hey, I got a question for Tori?

Adam: Here she is.

Tori: Hi Neil.

Neil: Hey, what's up. Um, I have a question. All right, so, like, you wrote all the lyrics to all your songs, right? And you, like, produced Pele and all that. And it went platinum. But then, on the other side, you've got Brittney Spears, who doesn't even produce her own beats and she was 11 times platinum. You've got J-Lo, who doesn't like, I think she wrote 4 songs on that album? Yeah, 4 songs. And it's the number one hit of this and that. Don't you feel kinda, gypped I guess? I know you can't talk bad about people, but like....

Adam: Sure she can.

-Drew and Tori laugh-

Adam: She says bad stuff about us all the time.

Neil: You know what I'm saying? You can put all this, like, you put half the artistic effort and you get double the sales. Kinda like, this is wrong. It's like...

Tori: Well, ya know, this is the thing. I think that I see myself more like a small vineyard? Instead of a big vineyard that sells loads and loads of wine. Um, it's maybe..... you know, I know all the people that work at the vineyard (laughs), and you do everything by hand. And I have complete creative control. Um, I don't do anything that I don't believe in, politically or spiritually or emotionally. I don't answer to anybody at the record labels. I don't even have to get along with anybody at radio, frankly. I don't write songs that are radio friendly. That isn't a choice that I've made in my life. There are people that do that and it's just a different road. I'm kinda fortunate that I can draw these lines very firm in the sand because some people, you know, kinda can't do that and have a career. So, when you don't compromise like that sometimes, you know, you have to accept that you're not In & Out Burger. I mean, it's not always that easy for people to come in.

Adam: But wouldn't you, and I was thinking about this at the top when I was thinking about how, you know, dedicated your fans are. I mean, wouldn't you rather, and this is for everybody, not just for Tori. In whatever field you're in, have, you know, a handful of people, a much smaller number of people that you respect and admire, admire your work, than a throng of a-holes.

-Tori and Drew laugh-

Adam: Do, do you see what I'm saying? I'd rather have 10 people who I really respect that think I was really funny than a thousand retards. That's, that's what I'm...

-Tori laughs-

Tori: So, so well put Adam.

Adam: So it's better....

Drew: Adam...

Adam: Thank you.

Drew: Now, he's telling you, Tori, he's very unhappy.

Adam: Unfortunately, I have 10 retards that like me.

Drew: Yeah.

Adam: That's the problem.

Tori: No, but also, the thing is, you have to - I, I believe as an artist, you pick your path. And bitterness is not anything that serves you. Um, to be able to make records now for over 10 years and still be hopefully, um, potent. Sylvia Plath is my, my mentor. An artist that really wrote what they wanted to write, without having to - quote, unquote - be commercial.

Adam: Well, I, I, thought your vineyard analogy was very good. And, and I know that a lot of people judge all show business by numbers of tickets sold or money paid per episode or records sold. But for a lot people, like yourself, you want, you wanna make a living and then you want to do what you want to do. And, the rest of it sort of academic.

Tori: Like Miles Davis.

Adam: Thank you. Tiffany?

Drew: mm, hmm.

Tiffany: Hi, yeah.

Adam: (whispering) He's a black guy, Drew.


Tiffany: Hello?

Drew: (whispering) I'll remember that.

Adam: You're 27. What's up, Tiffany?

Tiffany: Oh, hi. (short laugh) Well I have a question for Dr. Jew - Dr. Drew, I'm sorry. I'm kinda nervous. And I also wanted to tell Tori thank you for talking to me in Salt Lake.

-(baby in background)-

Tiffany: I was the one with the baby at the meet and greet.

Tori: Yes, hi.

Tiffany: Hi.

-baby starts crying-

Tiffany: Um, that was a lot of help, so, and it just felt like... I don't know. This whole wave just, you know, blew off my shoulders.

Drew: Hmm.

Tiffany: So I wanted to say that. So thank you Tori. And I also wanted to ask Dr. Drew, how soon after you have a baby do you usually get your sex drive back?

Drew: Are you still breast feeding?

Tiffany: No.


Uh, it can be anything from immediate to up to a year.

Tiffany: Up to a year.

Drew: In some - yeah. In some women, need, and it's multi, multiple reasons why this happens. Sometimes it's breast feeding, as I asked Sometimes it's the stress of having to take care of a child. Sometimes there are other children you're, you're dealing with as well. And many times, it's just the profound biological changes of having been through a pregnancy. Some women actually get on the birth control pill as a way of trying to restore hormonal homeostasis and that can restore sex drive too.

Tiffany: Okay.

Adam: Hey, Drew?

Drew: Yeah?

Adam: What's you do, ah, get a, like a Berlitz tape that had...

-Tori laughing through this all of this-

Adam: homeostasis on it, uh, two weeks ago? Cause...

Drew: Why, have I been using that lately?

Adam: I've heard it flown out of your mouth 18 times...

Drew: Really.

Adam: the last 3 days. What's up?

Drew: Wow. Interesting.

Adam: I got some momentum with that homeostasis.

Drew: It was some tape.

Adam: 6 years...

Drew: Oh, you know what, I was writing.

Adam: ...6 years we made it without homeostasis. Now we can't live without it.

Drew: Well, I was writing about how people establish sort of a status quo. You know what I mean? They sort of live in a state that is maybe sick. And it's cause they establish, (not sure of this) sort of a homeostasis. And I was thinking a lot about that last week.

Adam: Right. So...

Drew: So...

Tori: It's a very good word, Adam.

Adam: It's a great word. Nobody knows what it means.

-Tori and Drew laugh-

Drew: Balance.

Adam: Balance. Tiffany?

Tiffany: Yeah?

Adam: How old is your child?

Tiffany: She is 6 and 1/2 months old.

Adam: Uh, and are you married?

Tiffany: Yeah.

Adam: And you're just trying to get back to, uh, the swing of things, sexually?

Tiffany: Well, yeah, but I'm having a lot of problems with my husband, too.

Adam: What sort...

Drew: Well, that will, that will screw with your sex drive.

Adam: That'll slow you down. What's he up to?

Tiffany: Uh, well, he's a DJ on a morning show here in Salt Lake...

-groans from Drew and Adam-

Drew: The humanity.

Adam: So he's flawed. Radio. You're better off with just a, a, just a white supremacist.

-Drew, Tori and caller laugh-

Tiffany: Yeah.

Adam: They have better qualities.

Tiffany: So he hardly gets any money. I work for the Postal Service.

Adam: He doesn't, they don't pay him anything for the morning drive time?

Tiffany: No. He gets, um, $6 an hour...

-Adam laughs-

Tiffany: ...and he works, you know, 12 hours a day.

Drew: Wow.

Adam: Getting paid by the hour for doing radio is like getting paid by the hour for doing rodeo.

-Tori, Adam and Drew laugh-

Adam: Drew, write that down.

Drew: That's a good one.

Adam: Yeah. It's just...that's ridiculous!

Tiffany: Yeah. So it's that. So I have to pay for everything..

Adam: Whoa! Wait a minute. Is he, is he one of the morning.. is he , like, Monkey Boy in the background or is he one of the main DJ guys?

Tiffany: No. He's Monkey Boy. He answers the phones..

Drew: Oh.

Tiffany: he does, you know...

Adam: Oh. All right. That's different. We got them too.

Drew: He'll be running the radio station in couple of...

Adam: They're named Damien, over here.

-Tiffany laughs-

Adam: So, so, okay, so he's working his way.. How old is he?

Tiffany: He is 25 and I'm 27.

Adam: Okay. Well the good thing is, if he's, if he's got a little talent and a little drive he'll be doing real good. I mean everyone in radio.. My. my partner, Jimmy has been in radio for a thousand years or started off. He had a couple of kids and no money, was moving around and struggling and now he's, he's a rich, rich snob.

Tiffany: Oh.

Adam: So, it, it'll work out.

Tiffany: Hopefully.

Adam: All right baby. Take care of yourself.

Tiffany: Okay, thank you.

Adam: mmmmm. Let's talk to... you want to go to line 2 here Drew?

Drew: Sure.

Adam: All right. Well, she made it seem like he was, you know, running, running the station at the beginning. Adam?

Caller (also named Adam): Yeah.

Adam: You're 24?

Caller: Yes I am.

Adam: Tori Amos is, uh, in our studio tonight.

Caller: I know. And I feel really bad that I'm blocking up her time with my problems.

Adam: Uh, go ahead.

Tori: Oh no Adam, I'm just here.

Adam: She's here for you.

Caller: (laughs). Um, actually I do have a question though. Uh, I'm seeming to have, like, relationship problems only it's not anything about the relationship except for the sex. Uh, and the frequency of how often we have it.

Adam: What... So is the problem not enough for you?

Caller: Right. It's not enough for me, I know, you had a caller, like, a couple of weeks ago. And she was, she didn't want it.

Adam: Right.

Caller: And that's how my partner is. And, it's, so I'm on the other end of that and I, I just don't know what to do.

Adam: Well, your partner doesn't want it?

Caller: Right.

Adam: Right. Okay.

Drew: How often we talking about here?

Caller: Uh, maybe, maybe once a week.

Drew: No homeostasis.

Caller: Right now, right now it's going on 3 weeks.

Adam: 3 weeks, wow.

Caller:> Yeah.

Adam: Have you been, have you been tugging at her,uh, apron strings trying to get a little more?

Caller: His.

Adam: Oh, his! Oh, it's a guy.

Caller: Yeah, it's a guy.

Adam: Oh, that's different.

-Caller laughs-

Adam: Yeah, he shouldn't be doing that.

-Tori and Drew laugh-

Adam: That's horrible, you're right.

Drew: Oh, the humanity.

Adam: Once every three weeks, that's, that's way too much.

Caller: Well, I'm trying to keep it....

Drew: Is he, uh.

Adam: Okay.

Caller: it's not about sex.

Adam: What's, what's the deal? Are you guys in love?

Caller: I am.

Adam: Well, maybe...

Drew: Maybe this isn't a monogamous relationship.

Adam: No, because if he was screwing around he'd still be putting out at home.

Drew: Eh?

Adam: Is he, is he questioning his sexuality at all?

Caller: Uh, I really don't think so. He's been out longer than I have.

Drew: It this a monogamous relationship?

Caller: Yes it is.

Drew: You and he.

-Adam laughs-

Caller: Right.

Adam: Drew?

Drew: And why is it... What?

Adam: You don't trust the gays with the monogamy, do you?

-Caller Adam laughs-

Drew: It's, it's not that I don't trust him, the...

Adam: With that...

Drew: It's very common that there are problems with monogamy. That is a common issue.

Adam: Could be. You've got 2 guys.

Drew: 2 guys, yeah right!

Adam: double the opportunity for, you know, screwing up, sexually.

Caller: Right. You should have 2 male sex drives, right?

Adam: You would think, yeah.

Drew: Is he on medication?


Drew: Is he on medication?

Caller: I, I. What's that?

Drew: Is he on any medication?

Caller: No, no.

Adam: hmm.

Drew: Hmm.

Adam: And, and, and what is, uh, excuse me, because.. I have to ask the tough questions.

Caller: Okay.

Adam: It's my job.

-caller laughs-

Adam: Sexually, who's the bitch? Uh, I mean, what do you normally do? Is he, like..

Caller: Actually, it goes really 50-50.

Adam: Oh, you move it around?

Caller: Right.

Adam: Yeah. Okay. And, and, bjs or do you get the sodomy going too?

Caller: Uh, actually that's almost counted in as sex, from my standpoint.

Adam: The BJ.

Caller: Right.

Adam: Yeah, I count that as sex too! I don't know, uh. .. We should hook up.

-everyone laughs-

Adam: We'd make a good team. Plus, we're both named Adam.

Caller: This is true.

Adam: So, we'd save on towels. Tell you that right now.


Adam: Uh, yeah. Something's up with this guy if can't....

Drew: Yeah.

Adam: ...can't even muster a bj, a couple of times a week. Do you guys live together?

Caller: No, not at all.

Adam: But you've been together...

Drew: Wait a minute...

Adam: ...You've been together for a while?

Caller: Been together 8 months.

Adam: hmm.

Drew: And why do you answer the question about being in love as, ‘you're in love' and you have no idea where he is at.

Caller: Well, uh, I feel pretty certain that he's in love. But being as I can only really understand what I'm feeling?

Adam: Yeah.

Caller: Because there are 2 of us.

Drew: Yeah, but, usually when someone tells you, "I love you", you trust that's what they're experiencing.

Adam: Is he an older guy?

Caller: No, no, he's 23.

Adam: Okay. Why don't you just have a discussion with him and see where he's head's at. Cause he maybe depressed, or he maybe checking out of the relationship or pulling back, or maybe...

Drew: He's not doing drugs?

Caller: What's that?

Drew: Is he doing any drugs?

Caller: No. Not at all.

Drew: All right.

Caller: Every time I ask him, it's always work related or...

Adam: Ummm...

Caller: ...kinda, musters up an argument or something.

Adam: You tell him, look you're not looking for a fight, you just want him to come clean, pardon the pun. And, uh, have a civil discussion about where this relationship is going, why you feel like he's pulling back. Cause he's pulling back, that's what this is.

Drew: It seems like it. At this point, I keep thinking he's cheating.

Adam: But, I'm saying, if he's cheating, he's not....

Drew: The double down.

Adam: Yeah. He's a horny guy therefore he's cheating but he's horny at home too, so he's getting some at home and he doesn't wanna arouse suspicion at home. So he's not...

Drew: Okay

Adam: You know, it would be....he would keep the status quo going at home and not have him asking questions...

Drew: Right, right.

Adam: are you cheating?

Drew: Got it.

Adam: All right, genius.

-Tori laughs-

Adam: Tori Amos is our guest tonight

-prerecorded clapping-

Adam: We're gonna take ourselves a little break. Tori and I are gonna get caught up during a commercial, Drew.

Drew: All right.

-Tori laughing-

Adam: You have fun talking to that 6 dollar an hour engineer over there in San Diego. And uh, that bad instant coffee.

Drew: I feel left out.

Adam: That's right. And we'll be back after this.

Drew: And no Tonight Show.

Adam: Oh, yeah (laughing). Oh yeah, you've never done that, that's right. Tori on tonight everybody and uh, I'll be on next week and Drew on 12th and never. We'll be back.

-commercial break-

Adam: Hey everybody, it's LoveLine. I'm Adam Corolla, that is Dr. Drew over there. Over there being San Diego.

Drew: Yes, sir.

Adam: Tori Amos is our guest tonight. She,uh, has herself a whole bunch of concerts coming up here at the Wilturn Theater, which is, like I said, the genius, uh, named that because it's on Western and Wilshire Blvd.

-Tori laughs-

Adam: So, hence the Wilturn and uh, those are all sold out. So ....

Tori: How do you know...

Adam: ...just forget about it.

Tori: ... how do you know this kind of information?

Adam: Well, it, it dawned on me on day as I passed - I, I grew up in L.A. So I passed the Wilturn 17 hundred times and it, it just dawned on me as I was looking at the Wilshire and the Western sign..

-Drew laughs-

Adam: and that's on Wilshire and Western that it just, it just must be. I have that kind of genius..

-Tori laughing-

Adam: ...linguistically. And, and Drew does too, hence, hence the uh, homeosynthesis.

Drew: Homeostasis.

Adam: Homeostasis, sorry. Yes, that's right. Tori, uh, Strange Little Girls is the name of the new CD. We're gonna hear something off of that. I think we'll take a call and then will hear a song off the new CD. Selma?

Selma: Yes.

Adam: You're 22?

Selma: Yes.

Adam: What's up.

Selma: Um.. I've, was, uh, meaning to date this guy and I kinda struggled and didn't give much attention because he's actually lives kinda far from me, but since I'm gonna move up to where he lives, um, we started talking. Now I feel like I'm more interested in him than he is interested in me.

Adam: How long...

Drew: How ...

Adam: ...were you dating him?

Selma: Well, um, I met him through a friend actually on a trip up North. Uh, he lives in Northern California, I live in Southern California. And, um, that's why I wasn't paying much attention to him. And now I feel like that....

Adam: Hold on. Drew, I think we have to do a Loveline recreation.

Drew: Yeah, I...

Adam: You ready? You ask me how long I've been dating him.

Drew: How long you been dating him?

Adam: Well, I met him on a trip up North. Um, you know, with a friend and he's up there and I'm down L.A.

Drew: He lives in Southern California, I live in Southern, uh Northern California. That's why I don't care too much about him.

Adam: There we go. Let's try this one more time. -funny singing voice- North to Alaska, come on the rush is on. -normal voice- Yeah, I did an album of covers too.

-caller, Tori laughing-

Adam: Uh,(not sure what he says) point accident (?) covers.

-Drew and Adam laugh-

Adam: Selma?

Selma: Yes?

Adam: How long you guys been going out?

Selma: Um, a little over 2 months.

Adam: Okay. So it's fairly new and it's always been a long distance thing?

Selma: Um, yes.

Adam: Okay. And now it seems like he's losing interest?

Selma: Yeah. He'd rather, um, watch TV with his friends then call me back.

Adam: Okay. Well, maybe...

Drew: No, it's not.

Adam: Yeah, it's over.

Drew: Yeah.

Adam: And it's okay because he's, he's out of, out of your range geographically anyway.

Selma: Well, I'm actually gonna move, like, maybe, like not too far from him in January. So it's like...

Drew: Well, but he...

Adam: Are you really into him? Or are you just kinda into him because you don't think he's into you?

Selma: No. I think he is like a total, he was, I mean, he's been a total sweetheart, like all the time. Um, calls me in the morning to say have a good morning, things like that. And, but now.

Drew: Wait, I'm unclear...I'm really unclear about something. How much time have you actually spent face to face?

Selma: Um, actually a lot. He - well, not a lot - but he's come down every other weekend and I've gone up a lot. So we do see almost every weekend.

Drew: Okay.

Adam: All right. Well, how about - and every body can do this. If you're mate is giving you trouble it's okay to say to them, "Hey, what's up?"

Drew: (-Get the mp3 of this- says, Yeah, but sounds like) Ahh, ahhh

Adam: Drew, do that again.

Drew: Ahhh.

-everyone laughs-

Adam: Drew, next time I give a speech, I want you behind me.

Drew: (laughs) Of course.

Adam: Yeah, I want you, I want you behind me doing, doing that, like I'm with the, uh, Nation of Islam.


Adam: I'll go, (sounds like Southern preacher) "It's okay to talk to your mate every once and while!"

Drew: Ahhhh!

Adam: "You guys should communicate!"

Drew: Ahhh!

Adam: "Do not hesitate to communicate!"

Drew: Ahhh!

Adam: "God put her on earth and gave her a mouth for more than just oral sex!"

Drew: All right, all right.

Adam: "Although nothing comes to mind right now!" Eh, Drew come on, "Ahhhh"?

Drew: No, no, no.

Adam: Okay. All right Selma, you, you just talk, talk to him. And get an answer and if the answer is, you know, hey he's out, then you move on.

Drew: She's, she's pretty clear what the answer is, as always. That's why she doesn't ask the question.

Adam: Yeah. Tori, don't you think, or tell me what you think about this. Ah, we think we people don't ask the question it's usually because they don't want to know the answer.

Drew: Or they know what the answer is and they don't want to hear it.

Adam: Yeah, they don't want to hear it. You get that vibe when someone's pulling out of a relationship...

Tori: Hmmmm..

Adam: You kinda know. Your Spidey Sense tingles.

Tori: Yoooooou know.

Adam: And you know if you corner them and say to them, "what's up" eventually, if you really push hard enough, they're just gonna tell you they ain't into it. And then, then you're crushed.

Tori: But don't you sometimes think that there's a part of it that they want to hold on to. Whether it's your friendship. Sometimes...

Adam: Yeah.

Tori: ....people, just, they, they don't want you completely out of their life but they don't want it the way that it was. Something's changing.

Adam: Right, right, right.

Tori: And.....

Adam: And, and they, they don't want it the way it was but they don't wanna confront you and they don't want you completely out. So they just start slowly pulling back. And then you go nuts.

Tori: I mean, is this guy afraid that because she's moving up there....

Adam: Huh!

Tori: ...she's gonna be right there. And it's not against her, it's not a personal thing it's just.. I've found that sometimes when I get too close to certain - in my life when I've been too close to certain men...

Adam: Mmm, hmm.

Tori: ...that they just feel like they're just losing their freedom.

Adam: Yeah. Well, we do that. Uh, I'm feeling a little caged right now. Open the door.

-Tori laughs-

Adam: Hey, you know, Drew?

Drew: Yep.

Adam: I uh, you know I forgot... I know I've told this story before but it's been a long time. Tori Amos, uh, I took some flowers of hers to an ex-girlfriend of mine many years ago. Do you remember that?

Drew: No.

Adam: She did, Tori did the, uh, KROC - that is the mother station out here- did the Kevin and Bean morning show years ago. Like, it had to be, had to be 6, had to be 7 years ago because I was just screwing around. I was like, just hanging out with the morning show, screwing around. And Tori did her thing and as usual all her fans came by and dropped off some, uh, flowers and gifts and stuff. And Tori took off and left behind - and not intentionally, of course - but somehow neglected to get a bouquet of flowers. And I collected this bouquet of flowers because my girlfriend had been pounding on me for never giving her flowers.

Drew: Uh, huh.

Adam: So, I came home and I handed her the flowers. And, you know, she, she almost had an aneurysm because uh, I never bought any flowers...

-Drew laughing-

Adam: And she was like, "What is up? Flowers? Oh, my goodness! I'll get some water!" you know, and I was feeling pretty good about myself and then I screwed up.

Drew: Uh, oh.

Adam: She was a big Tori Amos fan. And I said...

Drew: Ohhhh

-Adam laughs-

Adam: I'm such an idiot. I said, uh, "Guess who's flowers these were for."

-Drew groans-

Adam: She was like, "Who?" And I said, "Your number one girl, Tori Amos." And she was like, "You son of a bitch." I said, "Tori Amos! You love Tori Amos!"

Tori: Not that much. (laughing)

Adam: But for me...

Drew: No. no. Tori, you talked about the differences between how men and women think? And how they speak? Well, there you go.

Adam: Yeah, that's that's it. That's it.

Drew: If you're a guy that's like an extra good thing.

Adam: Yeah, like let's say...

Drew: Here's your best girl's flowers!

-Tori laughing-

Adam: Let's say your wife brought you home a stethoscope that was C. Everett Coop's.

Drew: Yeah, exactly!

Adam: You'd, you'd be on cloud nine, right?

Drew: Yeah, that's right.

-Tori groaning-

Drew: extra-special.

Tori: Now the word "cheap" comes to mind.

Adam: (laughing) What about resourceful?

Tori: Hmmm

Adam: Doesn't that come to mind?

Drew: Creative, thoughtful.

Adam: That's right. But look, I could of walked away. I could've walked away but I picked up the flowers, I tore the Tori name tag off...

-Tori laughing-

Adam: ..and I promptly brought them to my girlfriend. And, uh...

Tori: Is she still your girlfriend?

Adam: No, no.

Drew: No, no.

Adam: Big mistake..

Drew: That ended that.

Adam: Because uh, yeah. This horse just came in, you know what I'm saying, baby?

Tori: Horse?

Adam: Yeah, me, I'm talking about me.

Tori: Oh.

Adam: Yeah, she was with me during the lean years. But now, literately a millionaire. Literately. You know?

Tori: Congratulations, that's so good for you.

Adam: Thank you. Literately. Hey, uh, should we hear a song? We got time? Should we do it? Let's do it this break. Let's hear a song.

Drew: Whatever you say, your royal Highness.

Adam: Thank you. Anderson? You ready to rock? You've got both your hands up in the air. Okay. You're working with your feet? This is off of Strange Little Girl and this one is called Strange Little Girl.

-plays Strange Little Girl-

-prerecorded applause-

Adam: Tori Amos, uh, everybody. Another beauty. Strange Little Girls the name of the CD. We're gonna take a little break and we'll be right back with more of the show after this.

Drew: All right.

-commercial break-

Adam: Hey! It's Loveline, everybody. I'm Adam, that's Drew in San Diego tonight. Drew, you'll be back tomorrow night, correct?

Drew: Absolutely.

Adam: We'll be looking forward to that. Tori Amos. Our good friend and uh, wonderful soul....

-prerecorded applause-

Adam: Tori Amos is in studio tonight. Uh, she will be at the, uh, Wilturn but, don't bother, the tickets are sold out.

-Tori laughs-

Tori: But, wait a minute! I release tickets tickets every night.

Adam: Oh, you do?

Tori: Because I hold a few for sight lines.

Adam: I see.

Tori: So, on, we're there Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And I always have a little stash that I release.

Adam: So, so how would one get into your stash?

Tori: We give it back to the, to the ticket ladies...

Adam: uh, huh.

Tori: ..At around, I don't know. What time do I do that, Johnny? 6 something? 6:30-ish? Once they know where the sight lines are. You know what I'm saying.

Adam: Meaning, meaning physically the sight lines in the theater.

Tori: Right. So when all the gear's up and our production is rolling and, you can see, oh, that in this row they can't see the red-headed piano player..

Adam: Right, right.

Tori: So that's why you.. I hold seats just to cover that.

Adam: I, I, I've seen Tori a few times, but I think only, like, acoustically. Just alone at the piano, which is amazing and impressive but how many people do you travel with? Are you alone or do you have a full band or how does it work?

Tori: Well, I don't know how to put this. I'm playing alone at the piano, traveling with loads of people.. (laughs)

Adam: Really?

Tori: So, yes, even though I'm alone on stage....

Adam: Right.

Tori: ...playing and singing, there's a huge crew that make it work. I, I do this...

Adam: But, hey..

Tori: ...with a lot of people.

Adam: Do you have a...someone on a cello sitting there?

Tori: For 2 tours, I had other musicians.

Adam: Right.

Tori: Um, and that was a completely different kind of show. So this tour, um, I'm just alone at the keyboards.

Adam: Very, uh, very impressive.

Tori: Was it... with a great crew, by the way. Cause, you know, just cause you're up there alone doesn't mean there not a lot of people that are part of creating the show.

Adam: Well, yeah but let's stop being modest here. They're a dime a dozen.

-Tori laughs-

Adam: Thank you. Drew?

Drew: mm, hmm.

Adam: What are you doing over there, buddy?

Drew: I've got a call.

Adam: Kevin?

Kevin: Hey, how are you?

Adam: Hey, you're 18.

Kevin: Holy God! Um, hi Tori, how are you?

Tori: Hi, Kevin. How are you?

Kevin: Um, I just....Holy God..I'm sorry, hang on a second. Okay. Um, I was in Salt Lake too, in fact I met that girl that you said hi to her baby to. I thought that was kinda cool.

Adam: Wow.

Tori: Wow. This is a small world. Are you in Salt Lake now?

Kevin: Yeah, I am.

Adam: And, uh..

Kevin: There's a lot of crazy fans out here, you have no idea.

Tori: Salt Lake's a fascinating place. Do you...

-Kevin laughs-

Tori: Don't you think there's a lot going on out there?

Adam: It uh, it seems like there's quite a diverse group there. I mean, you've got your super pious Mormons and then they've got your crazy, rebellious kids who probably feel like women living in Afghanistan. You know what I mean? Like under this oppressive regime. I'm guessing...

-Kevin laughing-

Drew: Homeostasis (this is quite likely prerecorded)

Adam: -laughs- I'm guess, I'm guessing Kevin is one of them.

Tori: And then you've got the Olympic Committee.

Adam: Right.

Kevin: I wanna know if you..(laughs)...this has been driving me crazy. I sat on the second row of your concert and I swear to God that you looked at me during Crucify? Cause I was bawling and you, like, raised your eyebrows and smiled. I don't know if that was at me....

-plays the music from the shower scene of Psycho-

-Tori laughs-

Kevin: and then afterwards I was, like, meeting you...

Adam: Yeah, right.

Kevin: I called you Jesus, sorry, by the way. I didn't..

Adam: When you met her?

Kevin: She, like, reached out her hand and said, "Hi" and then I'm like, "Tori, you're Jesus!" or something stupid like that.

Drew: You're gay. (also likely prerecorded)

Adam: Was she...please, Drew. Was she, was she telling your dog to command you to kill?

-Tori laughing-

Kevin: No. I would have, though.

Adam: Good, good. How you doing over there in Salt Lake? Are you gay, Kevin?

Kevin: Oh, sure, yeah.

Adam: Is it tough there in Salt Lake for a young, gay man?

Kevin: No! No...

Adam: It's okay?

Kevin: ...It's not bad.

Adam: Okay. All right.

Kevin: It was in school but that's, that's over.

Adam: You're a... that's that's over with now.

Kevin: Yeah.

Adam: So you love Tori Amos?

Kevin: I do.

Adam: Me too.

-Tori laughs-

Drew: You have a question?

Adam: Was that it?

-Kevin laughs-

Adam: No, I just think...

Drew: You have a question, Kevin?

Adam: No, I think he just wanted to heap praise upon her.

-Tori laughs-

Drew: That's it? Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah.

Drew: Any other questions?

Kevin: I wanted to know about the, uh, drug ephedrine? Cause my friend gave me, like, a bottle of these pills? And I started taking them? And they make my head all tingly. I just want to know, like, uh, what's like the side effects. What does this drug even do?

Drew: Lesbian. Uh, uh, ephedrine is a drug that is easily converted to amphetamine. It is basically converted in your body, what.. to that type of chemical. It, uh, can cause strokes and heart attacks. It is highly addictive - you have to use a lot of it to get addicted - but it's a dangerous, dangerous drug.

Adam: Other than the strokes, heart attacks ephedrine is fine?

Drew: I just, I just admitted a ephedrine addict... yeah..

Adam: You just did what?

Drew: I admitted an ephedrine about 2 weeks ago. He was a mess.

Adam: And what, where...

Drew: It really affects you physically.

Adam: Where do you get it? It is a diet supplement?

Drew: Can be.

Adam: I mean, is that why the majority of people take it?

Drew: Ah, yeah. I'd say so. Right.

Adam: You get...

Drew: I think most people encounter it, right.

Adam: And, and can you get it through mail order or something? Or is it...

Drew: I... you know, I don't know. You can get pseudoephedrine easily, that's just Sudafed, over the counter. But ephedra and ephedrine are things that usually these sort of herbal preparations.

Adam: Right. All right. Uh. Let's...who you wanna talk to, Toni?

Toni: Yeah

Adam: Toni? Toni the chick?

Toni: Is this Adam?

Adam: Yup.

Toni: Hi Adam.

Adam: Hey Toni.

Toni: How are you?

Adam: Good. How you doing?

Toni: I'm freaking out right now, dude. I can't handle it. -laughs-

Adam: Because Tori's here?

Toni: Oh my God. I can't believe I'm gonna talk to her! Yeah, this... (hear echo)

Drew: You don't turn your radio off, you're not going to. So be careful.

Toni: Turn my radio off?

Adam: Yeah.

Toni: Okay.

Adam: There you go.

Toni: I'll hear you come on, on this end?

Adam: Yeah, you know there's a thing...

Drew: a phone

Adam: It's a phone, right?

Toni: Yeah.

Adam: It's got that...

Drew: Can you hold it?

Adam: It's got that ear part.

Toni: My phone died in my hand...

-prerecorded yawn-

Toni: ...speaker.

Adam: Oh, you mean your, your phone is out of batteries?

Toni: Yes, it's a bad phone.

Adam: all right. But you can still hear us through the speaker, if you turn your radio down.

Toni: Yeah, I can hear you fine.

Adam: Okay. Go ahead, ask your question.

Toni: Am I on the air?

Adam: Yes!

-Tori laughs-

Toni: All right! Sorry. Hi!

Tori: Hi Toni!

Adam: Oh, these Tori Amos fans, such a pain...

Toni: OH MY GOD! I can't believe I'm talking to you! Okay. Welcome back to L.A., first of all. I'm going to your L.A. show Friday night and your two San Diego shows. Those are your last shows, right?

Tori: In America, yes.

Toni: In America? Oh my goodness. Uh, question is - what is your inspiration for fairies? Where did that come from in you? Because, as you know, we're all, everyone comes to the concert wearing fairy wings and uh, they write a lot about you being the Fairy Queen. Where does your inspiration come from?

Tori: Well, actually my Grandfather was part Cherokee and he would talk to me about the spiritual realm and the spiritual world. And, it defines itself in different ways for different people, as we all know. Sometimes it's just taking a walk and seeing the sun set. Sometimes it's being close to the earth and experiencing nature in that way. Sometimes it's, it comes out for other people in religion. Um, although that gets very confusing. Um..

Adam: Are you a religious person....

Tori: No, I'm more of a...

Adam: or a spiritual person?

Tori: Yeah, I'd like to think that it's more of's's not a set doctrine for me. My Grandfather tried to teach me a lot about, um, just listening. Listening to other people. And also listening to the spirit world, and it did speak to you. And listening to your ancestors. And, as you know, that's a great belief with the Native Americans.

Adam: Yeah, they're huge into that. They listen to like coyotes...

Tori: Yeah, they do!

Drew: Wind.

-prerecorded coyote howling-

Tori: That's right!

Adam: It's really cause they didn't have cable.

-Adam and Drew laugh-

Adam: They're talking to rocks and stuff out there.

Tori: Okay, all right..

Adam: Well, that's the bottom line. If they had cable they wouldn't be into talking to coyotes and stuff.

Tori: Well, I think the whole thing is, is that, um... There are certain people that really believe that there is a spiritual world out there. And then there's some people that are more cynical about it. And, you... it, it's gonna feel right for you.

Adam: We, uh, I'm sorry to cut you off in the middle of the spiritual journey...

Tori: No, you're not!

Adam: No, I really don't...

Tori: You're quite happy about it.

Adam: No, I, I...we have to take a break and uh, shove some, uh, commercials in here. But we will come back with Tori Amos and we will finish her thoughts on spirituality.

-prerecorded Adam saying, "I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. "

-Tori laughs-

Adam: I do. He's my chauffeur. And, uh, we'll be right back.

-Tori laughs-

-commercial break-

-music playing in background-

Adam: Hey everybody! It's Loveline. I'm Adam. Dr. Drew's in San Diego tonight. Tori Amos is our guest. No, Anderson, I'm not singing tonight.

Drew: No?

Adam: No. I don't want to..

Drew: Tori will be so impressed.

Adam: (singing in metal voice - sounds like nonsense) Arraaggh!

Adam: All right

Drew: You can cover, cover System of A Down, you know.

-Adam laughs-

Adam: Tori, uh, who's, uh.... I think motherhood has agreed quite nicely with Tori. Because, uh, you just seem, um, rejuvenated.

Tori: Hmmm.

Adam: You know? You feel that way?

Tori: Yeah.

Adam: You seem, uh, I mean, I mean you're, you're kinda a... You're always least this was my sort of layman's read of you. You were a person that was up in your head and uh, sort of deep in thought a lot and it could almost be mistaken for depressed sometimes. But you seem much more, um, just, uh, energetic now.

Tori: Well that's good.

Adam: You seem really thrilled about being a mom.

Tori: I love being a mom. I think there's different things for different people that make the numbers line up in your life.

Adam: mmm, hmm. Right.

Tori: And it doesn't matter at a certain point - you can have done the shrinks, you can have the whatever's. You could have been around the world many times. But still the numbers aren't adding up.

Adam: Right.

Tori: And being a mom...I think it was kinda when I know there's days that are, um, really magical days. You know, those days that you want to hold in your hand? And... like gold dust. You just hold it. You wanna talk about magic, magical things.

Adam: But, but did you have those days before you had your child?

Tori: Um, much less. Not as much and over things that were much grander. Now as a mom, sometimes the gold dust is just getting spaghetti thrown all over you.

Adam: Right.

Tori: I think the big thing with Tash is that, um, you know she's trying to learn how to eat by herself. And, I feed her sometimes, like a little bird, with my hands?

Adam: mmm, hmm.

Tori: Because just sometimes little kids, the spoon fork thing, as Drew, you know, gets complicated.

Drew: Oh boy.

Tori: And so, when you...

Adam: Drew with the triplets..

Tori: When you, well for me, when I fed her with my hands..

Adam: mm, hmm.

Tori: ....that seemed to really..she got that. But now, she feeds me with her hands. So sometimes I'm standing backstage, ready to... I've got my stuff on and I've got strawberries coming at me and sweet potato in my hair. And these are those gold dust moments.

Adam: Yeah. Listen. I'm, I'm a hard ass most of the time but my nephew, my 4 year old nephew drew me a picture the other day....and ran up an gave it to me. And it's really touching, I mean, you know it was a piece of crap...

-Tori laughs-

Adam: ....wasn't much, much to it....

Tori: Yeah, but that's not what it's about..

Adam: ..the fact that he sat around in school and decided, uh, to run up and give me... And actually he asked me if I would buy him a Corvette.

-Drew and Tori laugh-

Adam: (laughing) When he was older....cause...

Drew: That's fabulous!

Adam: Cause, you know, I'm like a rich Uncle Adam to him. You wanna buy a ‘vet. But, you know what? The deal I cut with him? He showed me a picture of a Corvette, but it was a 2001 Corvette. And he said...

Drew: Ohhhhh.

Adam: "I want this car" and I said, "I will buy you that car when you're 18."

Drew: Oh, my.

Adam: And he couldn't believe it. But here's how I'm gonna screw him.

Drew: I know.

Adam: That's 14 and 1/2 years from now. That ‘vet, it'll be, you know, 2018 before I buy that 2001 ‘vet.

Tori: Oh, if I were you...

Adam: That car will be 15 years old. I'll be able to pick it up for next to nothing. I'll probably be have 2, 3 hundred thousand miles on it.

Tori: ...I think you could pick it up, next to nothing, next week.

Adam: Yeah. But imagine what it ‘ll be like 15 years from now. So, that got him on a technicality.

-Drew laughs-

Adam: But, uh, anyway it was really touching when he gave me this picture. The idea that he was....The idea that kids think about you is kinda nice. That they offer you some of their yam.

Tori: Yeah.

Adam: Cause, cause kids, I think, from zero to, I don't know what age, Drew? Are pretty much about them? Right?

Drew: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Adam: I mean, pretty much exclusively. So those, those...

Drew: Well no, it's them and the wonderful world you share with them.

Adam: Right.

Drew: You're sharing in their world.

Adam: That those fleeting, those, those moments when they reach out and worry about you has to be, kinda of, kinda inspiring, kinda touching. Yeah, I gotta get me some kids.

Drew: They're bringing you into their magical world.

Tori: That's the thing. That's right, Drew.

Adam: Now what days are those, that they're having, you know, where they bring you into their magical world?

Tori: Every, everyday.

Adam: Cause I only want the kid on that day.

Tori: Everyday.

Adam: Really?

Drew: there's, there's something...

Tori: There's something everyday.

Drew: Yeah. It's just a range, Adam, of how that entrance is, uh, sort of conveyed. Sometimes it's by throwing a little poo in your direction.

Tori: Yeah.

Adam: Oh yeah?

Drew: Sometimes it's by offering you a picture.

Adam: All right.

Drew: It's all the same.

Adam: Let's, uh, let's go to line 6 here and talk to Talula.

Talula: Hello?

Adam: Talula?

Talula: Yeah.

Adam: You're 16?

Talula: Yeah. The name is a Tori Amos song.

Tori: Hi Talula.

Talula: Ohh my God!

Tori: How are you?

Talula: Oh my God, I can't believe I'm talking to you! (sounds like she crying)

Tori: How are you?

Talula: What?

Tori: How are you?

Talula: I'm okay. Wow. Wow, this is weird. Well, okay, like I had a question? Like it's really a good question. But I hear everybody talking to you and I just want to talk to you. I could ask you like a million questions.

Adam: Well, let's just narrow it down to one good one.

-Tori laughs-

-Talula laughs-

Talula: Okay, um, right. Uh, so, last year my Western Civ. teacher was like, just explaining something to us about, like, where the guidelines to, to make it rape..

Adam: What teacher?

Talula: Um, Western Civ. It's just, like, we're disgusting, I mean, discussing something like totally different -he didn't say it to me, he was, like, saying it to the class.

Adam: So he was telling you what, it, when something technically becomes rape?

Talula: Yeah. Like there's four things...

Adam: Okay.

Talula: ...that has to happen.

Adam: Right.

Talula: and I ...or something like that. And I don't really remember what they were and I'd like to know.

Adam: Well, isn't it just, uh, sex without consent?

Talula: Oh..

Drew: That's right.

Talula: Yeah, because it wasn't like was kinda...

Adam: I, I don't think there needs to be penetration. I mean, I, I don't know...

Drew: Well, I guess for rape there does. There does. For sexual assault there doesn't have to be.

Adam: I see, I see. All right. You've got your penetration and you've got the lack of consent and....

Talula: Yeah....and this happened quite a while ago.

Adam: Oh, this happened to you?

Talula: Yeah, yeah.

Adam: What happened?

Talula: ah, it was May 5th and... um, I, um, was on a date, and then, yeah, it was, uh, it was bad.

Adam: Well, did you..

Drew: A date rape.

Talula: Yeah.

Adam: Did you report the guy?

Talula: Well, I, I didn't really... I was thinking about it. I'm like, then they're gonna care, it's like... it sounds like... he'd just be like, "no".

Drew: Well, Talula, just that, that attitude suggests that you have a long history of having been a victim. To expect people to react to you that way.

Talula: Yeah...

Adam: What happened?

Drew: What other...yeah what else?

Talula: Well, like when I was my... like this friend of the family and..I was molested.

Drew: Okay. Well that's where that whole victim role got established.

Talula: Yeah.

Drew: You've gotta break that.

Adam: What about, what about your dad? Is he a jack off?

Talula: Yeah.

Adam: I'd like to kick him in the nuts.

-Talula laughs-

Adam: Is he still he?

-prerecorded noise - kicking someone-

Talula: Yeah.

Adam: Did he abuse you?

Talula: No.

Drew: Physically?

Talula: Mentally...more so...

Drew: Mentally.

Talula: Yeah.

Adam: All right. So, so, here's the deal. Do you wanna try to bring this guy to justice.. who did this to you?

Talula: Yeah, I do. It's just...I just wanna know, like, if, if, like..I have good evidence like, if I have to say the things that happened... Cause it wasn't exactly the penetration.

Drew: Yeah. Talula, you're not gonna be able to prove anything, unfortunately. So much time has passed.

Adam: Well, how much time has...oh ..May 5th did you say?

Talula: Yeah.

Drew: We're gonna actually bring a policeman in couple of weeks to talk about what people need to do to get a forensic exam, if that...

Adam: Oh really? Cause, Drew, I get nervous around the fuzz.

Talula: Oh yeah.

Drew: I know. You'll be, you'll be on your best behavior that night. The fact is, although you won't be able to accomplish - prove anything or really prosecute him based on what happened on May 5th.....

Talula: Yeah.

Drew: ....You will establish a record so if other people go through something with him, there'll be a record.

Talula: Okay.

Drew: And two, you'll break that pattern of victimization you're in.

Talula: Yeah.

Drew: It's part of breaking that up and doing something more, um, supporting yourself.

Talula: mmm,hmm.

Adam: What do you think, Tori?

Talula: Oh my God, hello!

Tori: Well, I think healing for you... Drew just said things that are really important. Once you, once you make that step, then there's a lot of healing to be done.

Talula: Yeah.

Tori: That I think that you need go to somebody whether it's..there is RAINN, but that's one of many, um, places you can turn where I think you should get professional help because just to talk to somebody...

Talula: I, I...

Adam: What happens - sorry for cutting you off - but, if, if she calls RAINN, she gets hold of your organization, she's calling from Chicago. What could, what could she expect?

Tori: Well, they put her in touch with the rape crisis center in Chicago. And she can go in and get information... RAINN is really a resource, it's like an ER.

Adam: mmm,hmm.

Tori: And...

Drew: Like a triage, triage center.

Tori: Right. Where you go and you see what your options are. They can get you in touch with certain, um, rape counselors. And, and it is a place to start. But there's other ways..

Adam: Well, let's, let's give the number out while we're talking about it.

Talula: Okay.

Adam: Do you have that?

Tori: Well, you all need to do it accurately. Right now, I don't have it right in front of me and don't want to say it wrong. I think it's 1-800....


Adam: She's looking at the peanut gallery and they are looking back at her.

Tori: The last, the last 4 numbers are HOPE, H-O-P-E. But, I'm.. We'll get it, we'll get it for you.

Talula: I, I always see it on web sites and stuff.

Adam: 1-800-656-HOPE, I'm, uh, told in my ear.

Talula: Yeah. I've been sitting on this for a while. And then I heard that you were gonna be on Loveline so I was like... ohhh..

Tori: Well, Talula, the thing I just feel's so important that you make a commitment to yourself...

Talula: mmm, hmmm.

Tori: heal. And, um, that's a, that's a fascinating journey. Sometimes painful but it is empowering.

Talula: mm, hmm.

Adam: All right, Talula?

Drew: Can I? You don't have to answer this, but I'm gonna ask you something personal. I mean, you speak a language that suggests you've had a journey of exploration and support of the self. Is that true? For yourself?

Tori: Yes. That's true. I'm very fortunate that I, when I, um, looked for some guidance, I had some really... let's say, um, guiding lights there and sometimes they were tough with me and that I had to look at some things that I didn't wanna look at. And make some choices and cut some people out of my life. But I had, uh, a pattern of pulling in people that I would just keep playing it over and over and over again.

Drew: mmm, hmm.

Adam: Right.

Tori: Until I was able to understand and see the pattern and break it. But first I wanted to do it, you know, first I wanted to take care of myself.

Drew: It's so gratifying. Yeah.

Adam: Yeah. "Want" is even a weird word for it. It's like, almost, you're almost compelled.

Tori: Right.

Adam: And, uh, I mean, that's all the show and that's all the world is really. Is how do you undo that what was done to you...

Tori: That's right.

Adam: ...growing up. And that causes you to make these horrible, repetitive decisions over an over again. How do you, how do you break that..

Drew: Un-program.

Adam: do you not have a kid and pass that along to...

Tori: That's right.

Adam: .....your child. That's all, that's it.. Really, wouldn't you say, in essence, that's all we're doing here, Drew?

Drew: uh, that's what we're trying to point out, over and again. Absolutely.

Adam: And it doesn't seem to be something that society is that interested in...

Drew: they'

Adam: ...And we can never understand why. I mean, from a government standpoint, just from a general societal standpoint they don't seem to see the link between that and the, and the repetitive problems of society. And I can't understand why we wouldn't want to focus on that to turn this place into a Utopia. And nobody wants to focus on that. It's all about individuals and individual choices and we know it's just carved in. I mean, Drew, when you're talking to this, uh, Talula who was, uh, raped at age 16, you knew up to...

Drew: 3 seconds.

Adam: ..95% that she had been victimized before 16. Right?

Drew: Yes, right.

Adam: And then you knew when she said something happened to her at 10, then you knew that he dad was...

Drew: Yes, an ass.

Adam: ...abusive in some way, shape or form.

Drew: Right. It's just the way it works.

Adam: It's unstoppable, it's undeniable math.

Tori: Um.

Adam: It's just uh...and, and people in this society don't look at it as math. As an equation. They look at it as sort of psycho-babble and mumbo-jumbo and they look at it as, "Well some people, you know, some people prescribe to that theory and then other people don't. So it's up to everybody."

Drew: Yes. (laughs)

Adam: But it's not open for negotiation.

Drew: It's not a theory.

Adam: It's not a theory! That's, that's what we're, that's what we're trying to say. It's, it's mechanical as any other physical thing that goes on in the body.

Tori: Hmm.

Adam: And, and you can no, no easier argue this away, scientifically, than you could a broken bone to a physician. But we won't look at it that way. And there's something that, as human beings where that scares us. It has to scare us to not feel in control.

Drew: Yeah. right.

Tori: But some of us are looking at it. And when a group of people rises up and says, We're not gonna pass this down to the next generation. We're..It's gonna stop here. With me. In my life. And I'm gonna turn it around and I'm gonna accept my crap and then...I'm gonna, I'm gonna put my hands in here and, and change this.

Adam: Right. And not have, I mean, I mean I don't know what your age is, Tori...

Tori: I'm 38.

Adam: ...but I would imagine...and this is your first child, correct? If you'd had this child when you were 21...

Tori: Very different story.

Adam: What a, what a load of crap you would have given this kid. And...

-Drew laughs-

Tori: Yes.

Adam: would have been horrible mother.

Tori: Yes.

Drew: Thank you, Adam.

Tori: No, it's true.

Adam: ...horrible mother! Maybe the worst.

Tori: Say what you feel, Adam.

Adam: But, but this kid...

-Drew laughing-

Tori: No, he knows it's true.

Adam: ....would be robbing banks and doing heroin right now.

Tori: Well..

Adam: This kid would be 17 and a mess. And probably have a kid of their own.

Tori: And playing air guitar.

Adam: And playing air guitar to Boston. Wait a minute, that was me.

-Tori laughing-

Adam: I hate my parents so much. But here's, here's the point. You knew that you had...there's nothing wrong with having problems to work out. We all have ‘em. But the problem is passing those on.

Tori: No, but it took me - I don't know about you guys- but it took me a long time to realize that I was in trouble.

Drew: Yeah.

Tori: Meaning, that I really had problems...

Adam: Sure.

Tori: was everybody else that had them.

Adam: Right.

Drew: Well, that, that is the exactly what Adam has been talking about. People do not want to take responsibility for what's going on in their life. Ever. Have you read the book, The Road Less Traveled, Tori?

Tori: I haven't.

Drew: It really, it really.. You don't really need to, cause it really goes at that issue. It's getting people to accept the fact that until you look at your own crap and how you create everything, everything in your life, you're not gonna get anywhere. You're not gonna better. You're not gonna change things.

Adam: Drew?

Drew: Yes?

Adam: Do you, you, have any other, uh, suggestions for books Tori doesn't need to read?

-Drew laughs-

Drew: I was bringing it up for other...for the listeners. In case Tori had read it and wanted to, sort of, share her feelings about it.

Adam: Have you read, The Phantom Tollbooth?

Tori: No. Is it good?

Adam: It's the only book I've ever read. So, I's embarrassing but I have to bring it up when Drew brings up a book to read.

Tori: Hmm.

Adam: Gil?

Gil: Hi. Oh my goodness.

-Adam laughs-

-blank on the last few seconds of my tape-

Gil: Um, I'm flabbergasted that I'm speaking with you. This is amazing. Um, I quit smoking today.

Tori: Congratulations.

Drew: Yay.

Gil: Thank you. I just, my method of quitting this time is to tell everybody so that I can't go back on it.

Drew: Good.

Adam: You're gonna be lighting up a butt at an airport lounge, like 6 weeks from now, and Tori's gonna call you up to bust your chops.

-Tori laughs-

Gil: On the off chance, who knows?

Adam: You never know.

Gil: I'm thinking, of, of putting like a photo, photocopy of my picture to all the stores in my neighborhood and telling them they can't sell cigarettes to me.


Drew: I love that! I like that!

Adam: That's great. But you know you'll offer em 50 for a half pack of Salems and they'll give in.

-Tori laughing-

Adam: I know this. They're unscrupulous. Those liquor store bastards.

Gil: I have to quit this time. I have to quit. I can't, I can't smoke anymore. It's very bad.

Adam: All right, baby. Is that why you called?

Gil: No, I called to talk to Tori.

Adam: Here she is.

Gil: Hi Tori!

Tori: Hi honey, how are you!

Gil: Um, I have, I have this theory that you....there's some songs you just don't play in the United States...

Tori: Oh, what is.....okay.

Gil: And, um, I think that you don't play Playboy Mommy in the United States.

Tori: Oh, I've played it quite a few time on this tour.

Gil: Really?

Tori: Yes, I have.

Gil: Okay. I went to see you at, um, the Beacon Theater in New York in October. But, anyway, I was just curious. That was just an example, but I was curious if you think that the fan base or the audiences are, are different enough so that your set lists will vary. Um, just based on whether...

Drew: Between Europe and the United States.

Gil: Yeah.

Tori: Uh, truthfully, uh, I I don't do it that way. There's just certain songs that seem to want to... I don't know, don't you feel like with what's going on in the world at any given time there are certain songs that just resonate...

Adam: Sure.

Tori: ...more than others at that time. And Playboy Mommy has actually been coming out quite a bit in the last couple weeks. That's just one of those, that um,...she was a little sleepy in beginning of the tour and now she's not.

Adam: Tori. I imagine you'd get... I mean I don't know, but do you have songs that you really like in certain, certain periods and certain times and in other times you're sort of tired of them and wanna put them on a shelf for a while?

Tori: Well, yes. But also, we're touring after - our tour started September 28th.

Adam: mmm,hmm.

Tori: And, because of September 11th, it's affected everything. And so, you find that in different cities, people are coming to the show and working through this in different ways in different cities. Like if you play in New York..

Drew: hmmm.

Adam: mmm, hmm.

Tori:'s different than Detroit. It's different than San Francisco. Certain cities, you know, they weren't in the trenches. Even though they were horrified, they're..they might be waiting for the other shoe to drop or they're angry.

Adam: Right.

Tori: Whereas when we played New York, very soon after that. It was a place of resilience and grieving and, and.. So yes, it's a different tone and you're playing to a different need that night and the set lists change every night, depending on, on what you're feeling from the, from the city itself.

Drew: Tori, in terms of your own personal experience does being a parent flip you out about what's happening in the world? I mean, I'm, I'm completely a mess because of it and being a parent.

Tori: I think that, um, for me, Drew, a scary realization happened. Which is, I believe, um, in a non-violent solution - most of the time. And I say, "most of the time" because that's what I've added on. For example, on one hand, I'm, I'm a non-violent person and on another hand I'm a lioness with a cub.

Adam: Right.

Drew: Right.

Tori: So, if you guys come after my cub, there's no remorse, I'm just gonna tear your head off.

Drew: Yeah.

Adam: We're talking about your kid. You don't actually have a cub?

Tori: (this is blanked out but..) Fuck off.

-lot of laughing-

Drew: Oh! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! I want that on a loop!

Adam: Tori used the f-word on the air, everybody. All right, sorry. Go ahead, I was just screwing around.

Drew: But, yeah. I mean, that, that isn't that interesting how, how...and bet you wouldn't have known that so clearly about yourself, Tori. Not that you have the capacity to say that kind of thing to Adam. That you would be that aggressive in response to a threat until you had a child and until there was a threat.

Tori: It's completely instinctive, as you know Drew.

Drew: Yeah.

Tori: And it's something that you cannot condition. You can't, I can't teach it or tell it. I really can't...

Drew: Mmm, hmm.

Tori: ...because it responds. I mean, when I , now...I'm at a place where I just don't trust anybody anymore....

Drew: Right.

Tori: I don't have this sort of Disneyland consciousness that every, you know..

Adam: But...

Drew: You mean as a result of September 11th?

Tori: Yes.

Adam: But before...

Drew: Yes. We live, we live in a different world than we thought we lived in.

Tori: Yes.

Adam: But let me just, let me just get this straight. Before September 11th, you would of had.. I mean, I'm sorry, I'm sorry - before being a mother, you would of had a more sort of pacifist approach to this whole thing? Do you know what I'm saying?

Tori: Yes.

Adam: And now, it's like, "I've got something to protect here. We've got to cut the head off this beast before it get to my cub."

Tori: No. Hang on, hang on a minute. Now my reaction to people that just want to, um, massacre people and gives clitoridectomy and whatever, I just look and say, "Now..."

Adam: Right.

-Drew laughs-

Tori: "...there's not a whole lot to say to say to you and..

Drew: No way.

Tori: ...and I've reached my limit." Now that doesn't mean that you just go out and, um, start hurting people but it means that I do have a line.

Adam: Right.

Tori: ...And I have a real line. And if cross that line there, there is a, um, a response from a warrior mother.

Adam: Well, I'm glad, uh, mother f'er, as it were...

-Tori laughing-

Adam: ...She used the f-word, you know. She, she used the f-word at me, Drew.

-prerecorded Stewie from Family Guy saying- "Unacceptable"

Drew: And not, not sort of in a playful way.

Adam: Not in vague terms, no.

Drew: No.

Adam: That was an attack. More therapy for me.

Drew: No, I was moved. It was great!

Adam: Yeah, you should of been here, Drew, you would of loved it. But, uh, yeah, listen, I'm glad...I, I think that this, this tragedy has turned some pacifists into sort of like realists. That it...

Drew: Yeah, right.

Adam: ..hasn't necessarily made them violent, but they've just realized. Look, there's certain things that are evil in the world-

Tori: And intolerable.

Adam: ...and hugging that evil isn't going to work. It needs to be put down.

Drew: It just doesn' needs to be.

Adam: So that good people can live. Yes.

Drew: It's another one of those things. If it did, of course we would do that. It doesn't work.

Adam: Right.

Drew: I wish it worked.

Adam: All right Drew, don't freak out.

-Tori laughing-

Adam: Drew, we're gonna let Tori go. Anymore books she shouldn't read?

Drew: She shouldn't read?

Adam: Yeah. Anything? What about our book? We wrote a book.

Drew: She shouldn't read that.

Tori: Did you? Did the two of you write a book?

Drew: Yes.

Adam: We wrote a book and she shouldn't read that.

Drew: That's correct.

Adam: Okay, there you go. Tori, uh, Tori's gotta get up at like, uh, 5 in the morning tomorrow.

Drew: Okay

Adam: And, uh, she told me to f off so I know when it's over..

Drew: Right.

Tori: Drew, huge hugs to you.

Drew: Thank you.

Tori: and Adam...

Adam: We're hugging.

Tori: ... you are the sweetest, cutest thing.

Adam: Oh, God bless you.

-prerecorded sound of someone vomiting-

Adam: I love this Tori Amos! I just love her. And it's been way, way too long.

-prerecorded clapping-

Drew: It really has.

Adam: So please...

Drew: That's true.

Tori: Okay guys.

Adam: Please, whenever you're anywhere near Los Angeles come see us.

Tori: Okay.

Adam: And, and you know what?

Tori: Hmm.

Adam: We could even do like a little phoner thing from England, uh, sometime you know.

Tori: Okay!

Adam: I don't know what the hell the time...what time it would be over there..

Drew: 9 hours. It be 7 in the morning

Adam: Be up in the morning. You'll be running around with, uh, your young ‘un. And then we'll do a little... tell me to f-off over the phone.

Tori: Okay, it's a deal.

Adam: All right. Tori Amos...

Tori: Okay, Adam.

Adam: ...We'll be right back after this.

[transcribed by Ann (Kai)]

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