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Mojo (Uk)
March 2002


Tori Amos
Hero: Chief Joseph

One of my heroes is Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe. He was one of the great poets and speakers, and he led his people - who were run into the ground like foxes being chased by hounds - with such a vision. He's known for being somewhat like, in a small way, a Dalai Lama, a Gandhi, a man of dignity and vision. He's the one who said, "I will fight no more for ever."

Over the years people have argued that maybe he didn't do the right thing, but it's such a complicated thing, what happened in America with the Native Americans. The Germans have had their feet held to the fire for what happened in World War Two, but so many people in the quote-unquote most powerful country do not want to see their part in it. Chief Joseph had a similar spirit, a similar belief, to my grandfather, who was actually the first person I thought of when you asked me who was my hero.

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