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Entertainment Weekly (US)
September 20, 2002

Fall Music Preview

Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk

Last autumn, Amos embarked on a national concert tour. What she observed of America, as it recovered from the Sept. 11 tragedy, forms the basis for Scarlet's Walk. "It's like a sonic novel about a road trip," she says. "Scarlet's who I am in this and she's working her way across the country, trying to find out what she believes in." The enhanced CD includes a feature called "Scarlet's Web" that maps out the protaganist's trip. "In touring at that time, there was a lot of congregating going on, and people started to see America as a being, not just an object," she recalls. "On the album, Scarlet's really on a quest to find out who this being is." (10/29)

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