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morning show on ITV1
October 15, 2002

Tori Amos interview and live performance

"A Sorta Fairytale"

Eamonn Holmes: ...Mystical music has captured the hearts of everybody worldwide, very nice to see you here this morning, and there's you, American and of Red Indian descent, not that you look like it though I have to say.

Tori: Well, a pomegranate -- so red on the outside red on the inside.

Eamonn: Yeah, red hair red Indians, no hardly, more Irish I would've thought.

Tori: Do you think so? You're not biased!

Eamonn: I can spot them you know! You now live in Cornwall, or at least part of the year in Cornwall, so how did that come about?

Tori: My husband used to go there as a little boy with his parents to Bude, and I think he just remembered his favourite things in life being with his folks, so he said to me if we're not going to live in south London -- he wasn't going to live north of the river and I wasn't going to live south of the river, so he said compromise Cornwall. So we said ok.

Eamonn: You know I think that's more in keeping with your whole personality and the sort of mysticism and creative scope that you have and whatever being somewhere like that it just sounds better.

Tori: Have you been down there?

Eamonn: I have yeah.

Tori: You'll have to come visit us.

Eamonn: Yeah, um, it's not the easiest place in the world to get to though.

Tori: Yeah and it's not easy for the record company either!

Eamonn: That's the way to have it. Now you've got a 2 year old daughter Natashya.

Tori: Yes.

Eamonn: Now do you have to make the descision then whether you're going to live in England then or live in the States when she gets to sort of school age?

Tori: No, we'll live here. When Husband proposed to me he said, "I wanna know what you're like when you're 80, pottering down to the garden, but I don't want a green card."

Fiona Phillips: Is he British then your husband?

Tori: Oh yes.

Fiona: Through and through, by the sounds of it!

Tori: Yea yea yea, very cantankerous, but he's my cantankerous Brit, yes.

Eamonn: I suppose it's not really the life you probably planned or thought for yourself when you set out on this pop star road.

Tori: Singer-songwriter.

Eamonn: Singer-songwriter... yeah ...which you do very well.

Tori:I did not know that I would be living this kind of quiet hermitty life, but the Cornish have taken us in. I mean, I know I'm a guest there but they treat us like we're part of an extended family.

Eamonn: Well, you're coming back 20 past 8 and you're going to sing this new single it's "A Sorta Fairytale," yeah tell us about that.

Tori: Yes, well, this album is a story, it's a road trip, a woman taking a road trip, and she thinks she's found her soul mate, and thats why it's only a sorta fairytale.

Eamonn: Ok, we'll find you 20 past 8, Tori for the moment thank you very much indeed.

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