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Chicago's Fox News in the Morning (US, TV)
WFLD TV, Chicago
October 28, 2002

Tori Amos interview

Bill Zwecker: Right now we've got Grammy nominated singer song-writer Tori Amos. She's one of the most respected and innovative musical talents of the last decade and she continues to top herself. This time with her self produced new album, Scarlet's Walk, which features the singer [picture of the album cover] and A Sorta Fairytale. Here's a listen.

[clip from the A Sorta Fairytale video]

Bill: Well, it's all a very creative video, too. She'll be in concert Chicago November 27, but this morning we'll be absolutely delighted to be talking live with Tori from New York City. Good morning, Tori.

Tori Amos: Hi, Bill, how are you?

Bill: Good to see you, well, I gotta tell you, uh, I watched that video for the first time on Friday, and say, uh, you've always been on the cutting edge and very creative but you've got some interesting things going with that video.

Tori: Yeah, I like appendages. You know. I think that A Sorta Fairytale, really, we can't all be Cinderella, and some of us find that our imperfections maybe don't let us open up to somebody, because of what they'll say, and so with this you'll have to work through it.

Bill: That's great, and you have a great actor, too, and often you can't always get an actor like Adrien Brody in a music video like that, he was great.

Tori: Yeah, he's great.

Bill: Talk to us about Scarlet's Web*, this is a journey for you, you're always taking us on journeys musically, I've felt that about since the beginning of your career, but now, where's the journey going for you now?

Tori: Well, this is a story, a sonic novel based on real people and real events, of a woman crossing the country. Slowly, west to east, in troubled times.

Bill: That's true, we are in troubled times, and, uh, what are some of the themes that you hope people take away from this album?

Tori: Well, I think it's really about she questions what she believes in and her relationship with this creature we call America. I think that, of course there are references to the twins going down, but more than anything, it's really about are we protecting our mother, our true mother, America. And are we being good caretakers, instead of just taking. And so these are a lot of things that get blown up to Scarlet because she meets different people, across the country that show her different things. The Native Americans take her in and kind of kick her around a bit and say, "Hey, you need to open up the way you see things."

Bill: That's true, well, Tori, are you looking forward to tour? I know you're going to be here Thanksgiving Weekend, we should get you in here [video of Tori, live in concert] to have a little turkey, while you're in Chicago.

Tori: Chicago Turkey... turkey's not my favorite thing.

Bill: You're probably a vegetarian, right?

Tori: No! I'm not, no!

Bill: Well, that's great, I know you're looking forward to the tour, it's always great being in front of an audience, isn't it?

Tori: It's the best, absolute, the best.

Bill: Well, Tori, congratulations on the new album, it's always, you're a very poetic singer, and the poetry really comes through loud and clear on this one, and it's good to have you here this morning, and we'll look forward to having you in Chicago on the 27th of November.

Tori: Okay, Bill, see you then.

Bill: Okay, buh-bye.

[transcribed by Adam]

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