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Top of the Pops (the Netherlands, radio)
Dutch radio NPO 3FM
December 1, 2002

Tori Amos interview

Host: I wanted to know from Tori Amos if she knew how her public looked like after all these years.

Tori: I'm one of those lucky people that has an audience who, if I stay true to the music, they will come even if they're a bit skeptical. If I stay true. And that's the deal that we have with each other, a sort of unspoken deal but we both know what it is. I think somehow somewhere there really has to be some kind of nurturing for your musisicans that are different then maybe the pop celebrities side of things because, you know, hm.. there's no reason that people shouldn't be exposed to both but people have to nurture that and we go back to the advertisers that run the stations and decide what's played. And if everybody thinks that what needs to be played is a certain kind then a lot of your songwriters, a lot of your indential (?) artists are out of the window.

Host: And I was very curious about her making an interactive cd..

Tori: The idea is.. ok.. you get your cd right? It's a key. Put it in your computer, it will take you to Scarlet's Web. The maps will come alive. Yes, you get a map in your cd booklet but the maps become more detailed on Scarlet's Web. Within the web, uhm.. they'll be a layer that held the land before. There will be websites that have approved by the students at highschool university, whitch is our biggest native American University. In Kansas. So they're kind of, you know, sifting trough the bogus ones and the ones that are good sites so that you can go, "Oh I wanna know more about the Trail of Tears."

So they'll take you to a site and this will be linked all through the country. Then another layer to this is when Tori goes on tour.. uh.. that's me. (Tori laughs a bit) uhm.. I'm not Scarlet, I'm Tori on Scarlet's Walk so I got other songs in my live, in the past 10 years or so. And they link up to some of the new songs and geographicly they link up and each night it's a sort of a different weaving, so it's about threads.

[transcribed by Inger van Nes]

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