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WGN Morning News (US, TV)
WGN TV, Chicago
December 6, 2002

Tori Amos interview

Newscaster: Tori Amos was just in town, and Chicago Tribune's entertainment reporter Terry Armour got a chance to catch up with her... Terry?

Terry: know this is a perfect example of how sometimes this job can be hard [laughs], she was great, I want to say she was very nice when she was in town for her chicago theatre show, I had a chance to sit down with her, I know she's an extremely deep thinker, but it seems at times she may have needed a nap, as you'll see from the conversation -- maybe 2 or 6 naps...

[cuts to interview]

Tori: ...really the idea of this tour is a metaphorical fire, so in each town you come to, the fire and the story changes... the story will be different in Chicago then it will be in Cleveland... it just will be [laughs]. I don't know what that story is yet, but hopefully I'll know by 8:30...

Terry: rap is merging with rock & roll, you have elemets of jazz and r&b and also rock & roll... is that good for music?

Tori: I think that's good for music. I think it's minestrone soup time. I don't know how many boundries are being pushed right now, right now, I think that [pause] I don't know, maybe in the next couple years as questions get asked as a collective, maybe it will infiltrate the music, but right now, things are somewhat safe... because they are. I'm not talking about, um, macaroni with beans, I like macaroni with beans in a minestone soup, adding all that...

Terry: Okay we're going to try a little word association here...

Tori: Okay.

Terry: Okay ready? Fiona Apple.

Tori: um [pause] roots deep in the earth, reaching for source, and finding source.

Terry: Joni Mitchell.

Tori: Sunset that never sets.

Terry: Hmm, interesting. okay, how about Alanis Morissette? [chuckle] troubled soul? [laugh] I don't know, I just thought of that.

Tori: Walks her walk.

Terry: Britney Spears.

Tori: A flower deciding which one she wants to be.

Terry: Alright, that's it there.

[end of interview, goes back to live newscast]

Terry: Once again, we really loved her, we love her, we want to thank her for taking the time out, but it did seem like she needed some energy, she probably did just wake up from a nap, but after all that, we did get to see the soundcheck which was worth the price of admission alone, here watch this...

[shows tori performing "Sweet Sangria" during soundcheck]

Newscaster: now thats talent! [referring to the playing of two instruments at once]

Terry: Now apparently, she does save all her energy for the show, I do want to say that her album Scarlet's Walk is very good and I do want to thank her for spending all the time she spent with us.

[transcribed by Cheryl Wierzbicki]

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