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The End Zone (US, radio)
KENX "The End" Salt Lake City (107.5 FM)
December 7, 2002

Tori Amos interview and live performance
songs: A Sorta Fairytale, Crucify and Winter

I: It's an exciting day, we are live in the End Zone and we have a very excited crowd (crowd yells). Before we start I have to tell you the funniest story. We were a little behind schedule and so we had all of our winners waiting in a room and they we're all so sweet and they were playing pictonary. I said I'm sorry guys we're running a little late, just stay right here. I come back and their all playing pictonary. We have the best listeners here at 107.5 The End.

Tori: Yeah, and the smartest

I: So, can we start things right off the bat with a song and we'll chat in a little bit?

Tori: Yes. Okay, okay I know

(Tori sings A Sorta Fairytale)

I: I can't tell you how excited we are to have you back again so soon. You were here just a year ago and so it's nice to have a new album and tour. You usually don't have this quick of a turn around. So did this album just come?

Tori: I've been a busy elf.

I: I know! That's what I'm saying, tell us about it.

Tori: Well, I guess I haven't written an original record in a long time, and being out on the road last year the stories started to take hold and I was on baby duty at night. So when you are on the buses at night and you're traveling the country and you're passing the road signs and there are no cars on these freeways something happens. It's almost like everybody's asleep and taking, stealing those thoughts that are in the air, so I just kind-of stole them myself.

I: They were open.

Tori: Yeah they were right there.

I: Free game. Well the new album is wonderful and I have an interesting question I would like to ask and I'm trying to figure out how to ask it exactly. The new album seems to have a different feel to it, a different energy. Has your relationship with any of the other songs changed through this new album? Does that make sense?

Tori: Hum. Yeah, you mean the old songs?

I: Yeah the old songs.

Tori: Lets face it, there are certain periods in your life you go through that certain albums are harder for me to listen to right now. While we were learning the material, the band Matt Chamberlain is playing drums, heaven absolute heaven and John Evans what a bass player, is on the road with us. We're like ZZ Top the three of us. If I start sporting a beard you know it's the steroids. Send me a note. I'm worried about the steroid story. So the three of us were out and we are learning the tunes again of course we learned the old ones, um and Pele is a little difficult to listen to. Mainly because of where I was at the time, it was a very dark place and this breakup from relationships with men that were some that got into some dangerous waters. So sitting where I am now, if I hadn't gone through that record, I wouldn't have been able to have written this album. Yes some are more difficult to listen to than others, but I am re-working some of those songs and they are in the show now.

I: Nice

Tori: But they have a different approach, because I'm not in the mood roast men over fires now. I'll get with my daughter and we'll roast marshmallows now.

I: That's right. Very nice. Well I guess this would be an appropriate place to put in a plug for the show tonight at the E Center. Howie Day will be taking the stage at 7:30pm and do we know what time you'll be going on stage?

Tori: Um the beardless trio. What is it Chelse? At 8:30pm.

I: So the show is tonight there are still tickets available. It's so hard to explain what it's like to go to a show because every time I am just astounded by it! Can we do another song?

Tori: Yes. This was a request, so here you go.

(Tori sings Crucify)

I: It's so hard to know what to say after that! I'm so sucked into it and I'm like oh yeah I'm supposed to talk. Ok.

Tori: So let's talk about my latest remembering today. Sometimes um you know I forget my words. You forget things when you're trying to remember, oh I don't know like a 100 songs. But this thought came to me, that hasn't come in like a year and it's the greatest. Well it's like a tip for the day. Are you ready? Vandam right? Is that his name? Do you know how he does abs? Because I don't have time to work out, I'm a mom, I sleep 4 &Mac184; hours a night, so then we have like 6 shows a week usually or some silly something to do T.V. whatever. So guess when you do your abs? Standing around, for me it's back stage, for you guys it's at work or wherever or brushing your teeth. And you can sit and do those abs. Isn't that right Mr. Joel? I am going to have my six-pack by New Years Day. I don't care I am going to sit there before I devour my Christmas dinner and I'm going to have done 120 without losing time.

I: Does he have any instructions on how to do it?

Tori: I could call him up!

I: Would ya?

Tori: I could get him on the phone. I don't know, I think you just stand and you have to anchor those feet in the ground and it's about the lower button and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze girls don't let the pennies drop! You know what I mean! And there it goes, in and out. A 120 I'm going to do it. Ok would you like another song! (lots of laughing)

I: We're all doing abs in the End Zone! That is a new one.

Tori: If you're a mommy, you've had a baby you want to think about this because my God I'm only 39! I don't want my little personal life to just go out the window forever.

I: Makes sense.

Tori: You know what I mean? (lots of laughing from the audience)

I: Well let's talk about being a mommy for a minute.

Tori: Ok

I: Because I know you love it and I have read articles about this tour and they always mention the baby. She's two now isn't she?

Tori: Two in two months yes.

I: So is she getting to the terrible two stages?

Tori: Well, yes but she's also at another stage where she talks in sentences so she's a joy at the same time. There were these punkers, I'm learning about Salt Lake City culture, so we saw these punkers right, in the mall so if you are listening that was my daughter and I apologize. My husband was a punk in '79 and he told me this is not the desired effect that a punker wants to have, so she walks by him and says "you've got funny hair!" (Tori sighs) She got that silly little British accent so it's kind-of cute. So yes she two and yet a joy.

I: Of course. How has that changed writing time and lullaby and mommy time? How do you separate them or do the separate?

Tori: Well I wrote this record when she was on the bus she was a year old then so when she would sleep and I would make sure I had those bottles warmed up and ready. So this is the trick you do not let her wake up. If you hear her stir those bottles have to be ready. It's like telepathy mommy. And you get it ready and in that mouth and they are back asleep. See? And I go back to the writing. That's a trick

I: Do you ever you know, as she's going to sleep say to her "ok this is the latest I have been working on what do you think?" And sit down and play a song for her?

Tori: No she comes up to me and says "this is my song! You sit. You big people listen to me!"

I: And she plays.

Tori: Oh she's holding court up backstage every night dressed up as Snow White. She wants to be the Mad Queen though. She says "Mad Queen mummy. Horrible lovely dress though" (lots of laughs)

I: Oh that's darling. Oh cute. Well let's do one more and then we'll let you get on the road. We appreciate you coming out so much.

Tori: Is this on the radio?

I: Yeah were on the radio right now.

Tori: You're kidding me!

K: Oh yeah

Tori: I thought you cut me off.

K: Oh no were just here gabbing.

Tori: Ok here we go.

(Tori sings Winter)

K: Alright quick reminder about the show tonight at the E Center at 7:30pm. Stay tuned to hear who will play next in The End Zone.

[transcribed by Holly Beecher (wintergirl)]

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