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Associated Press (US)
February 17, 2003

Tori Amos Adjusts to Life As a Mother

FAIRFAX, Va. - Sleep? What sleep? Tori Amos says becoming a mom changed her priorities on the road. She says before her daughter, her time was her own. She says "you're tired, the bus is rolling, you sleep." But she says "when you have a little one if she doesn't want to sleep guess who's going to be up with her." Now, Amos says half the time she doesn't know when she sleeps.

"And it's funny, it's just I think like I'm going back in time trying to extract those nights I slept. I had those maybe eight-hour nights and that's so far from my reality right now," Amos told AP Radio.

Amos says with a mom as a traveling musician, her daughter sometimes has it pretty rough. "You can say we're going to be home soon, but the other day she just said, 'I want to go home Mommy.' And you kind of go, 'Well the bus is home for now.' And she goes, 'No it isn't. It's the bus," Amos told AP Radio.

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