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Launch Yahoo (US, www) April 16, 2003

Tori Amos Says America Is Greater Than Its Administration

(4/16/03, 10 a.m. ET) -- Tori Amos continues her Scarlet's Walk tour with a performance on Tuesday (April 15) at the Cohan Center in San Luis Obispo, California. Amos said she likes to treat each of her shows as a campfire where people can come and discuss their opinions on a myriad of topics. Of course, one of the major topics on this tour is the current war with Iraq.

Amos has spoken out several times in regards to the war. The singer said that while she is against the current administration, she will not let the actions of a few deter her love of the spirit of this country. "I love the soul of this country, and she's not the government," Amos said. "And she's not the masses. She's something separate. She's our divine mother. That's something different. Whatever you think about France, they understand this. France is greater then the French. Lady Liberty is separate."

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