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Tech Live (US, TV)
on Tech TV
November 13, 2003

Tori Amos is interviewed via satellite

Chris Leary: The turbulence in the music industry has left many scratching their heads and asking, "Well, how are we gonna sell records?" As Tori Amos suggested to our Kris Kosach, it's all about giving the fan something different.

Kris Kosach: Tori Amos, an artist known for haunting melodies and now her latest, Tales of a Librarian. This is no ordinary Best Of.

Tori Amos: There are two discs. You get an audio disc with twenty songs, the DVD has songs that we recorded at the last show.

Kris: All mixed in surround sound. Tori says fans should have the chance to get the same experience listening to her music, as she does in the studio.

Tori: You could really hear the quality that I hear when I'm in the control room. It's other-worldly, really.

Kris: Tori says she's capturing a moment for all eternity.

Tori: Boy, oh boy. I'd love to have a CD from a Roman woman when Rome had been at its Zenith, but I sure would want to hear that today.

Kris: Hidden goodies in the disc? Yes, but not of the Easter egg variety.

Tori: There's kind of a hidden subtext going on for those people who like wordplay and hidden meanings and references. And I have this fantasy about being a librarian. I'm building my own little library in Cornwall, England. Just in case everybody throws their computers out the window, which I think would be poetic.

Kris: Poetry from the poet herself. Now, this is the first ever compilation of Tori's work and it hits stores November the 18th. Always a Tuesday, Chris.

Chris: Cool. Where was that live stuff from?

Kris: Good question. That was shot during her last tour, actually, in September. That was part of her soundcheck and it is very intimate. There's five songs like that. You should check it out.

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