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November 28, 2003


Tori Amos Looking Forward to Breather

Tori Amos is looking forward to a spell of down time, with 2003 having been jammed with touring and with work on her newly-released "Tales of a Librarian: A Tori Amos Collection" compilation CD and bonus DVD. She notes that she and her band "thought we would have a little bit of a break" last summer, but wound up working intensely on the new disc instead.

She's candid about her reason. "Originally, it was contractual."

Atlantic Records, she informs, decided to exercise its option for a greatest hits album, and she was left with the choice of being involved -- or not.

"Once I knew they were going to do some kind of 'best-of' album, I said, 'Let's do something that's intriguing.' I explained to Atlantic that every night the kids come back with their own version of the 'best-of,'" she says, speaking of fans' proclivity for amassing their own collections thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

Thus, the iconoclastic and introspective songstress conceived the idea of a "sonic biography" of material in the custodianship of a librarian (complete with Dewey Decimal System packaging). She reworked some of her classic material, added two new songs, and brought back two little-known songs that, she says, "were cited as being too political at the time." And political they are. One, "Sweet Dreams," includes the line "land of liberty, we're run by a constipated man." She says it was "originally written about George Bush and a war in Iraq -- about the father in that war."

Anyway, Amos says her next step is "to take some time to write. I find I get the best results when I have a little bit of time to not have to deliver. I don't have to deliver again until 2005 -- and that gives me the opportunity to know that in 2004 I'll be planting a vast garden."

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