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Star Lounge Session (US, radio)
Star 98.7 FM, Los Angeles
December 2, 2003

Tori Amos interview and live performance
at Tower Records in Brea, California

(Before the performance was a private signing for 60 contest winners.)

Tori performs Silent All These Years

Hi everybody, how's it going?

A guy in the audience yells: I love you, Tori!

And um, love you back. And hey there to all those people in traffic. I kinda hope you're still in traffic, just so I can say hey. This little song never made any of the records, and im, and it didn't make Tales of a Librarian, so of course that's why I'm doing it. So here we go.

Tori performs Take to the Sky

This song, this litte song is um, it's funny because when I wrote it I thought of my grandfather - Poppa - and my dad. And now that I'm a mom, the pictures change. And I see my little girl walking hand in hand with her dad. And it's funny... Give Tash-Tash cookie.

Tori performs Winter

So um, this little song is something that um, after touring the country for all of last year. It seems like forever, but um...

A guy in the audience yells: And we miss you!

And I miss you back. Um, this song kinda came to me just sort of as um, of a chronicling of this time that we're in. And um, she came and tapped me on the shoulder. And she's on Tales.

Tori performs Angels

So I got a letter, um, awhile ago. It was a couple years ago. And I got it backstage, and it was from a 13-year-old girl. And she said, "In all the bombings I lost my best friend." And she was 13, too. And this came from the Middle East. And I carry that letter around. And this little song came, and she was gonna be on Scarlet's Walk, but she's here tonight instead.

Tori performs Seaside

Goodnight, everybody. Thanks for coming.

[transcribed by jason/yessaid]

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