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InStyle (Australia)
May 2004

My Stylish Life

Tori Amos: brilliantly eccentric American singer-songwriter

by Kelly Gilbert

My teapot:
I combined my favourite interests, tea drinking and design, at the Art Institute of Chicago recently. I bought a teapot printed with peonies, which I'm going to fill with King's Tea [], the best green tea.

My glass earrings:
You know when you buy something new you can't stop wearing it? I've been doing that with a pair of pretty glass earrings I bought in a market in Hamburg recently, and have worn them on stage every night since.

Soothing my throat:
The Ritz-Carlton Lake Las Vegas has a fantastic steam-spa. The humidity is wonderful for my voice (my most-used excuse for lounging there). I'm also never without my portable Sunbeam humidifier -- fanatical I know, but I have to look after my voice!

My sneakers:
I play five shows a week in 10 centimetre heels, so during my downtime I love to slip on my Polo Ralph Lauren Sport X67s. I have several pairs, but my faves are the turquoise ones.

I am fanatical about books. The last book I bought was Wild Raspberries, the fabulously camp cookbook by Andy Warhol. I found it on the brilliant Museum of Modern Art website [].

Native American art:
My Florida house is filled with Native American art. I also have a medicine bag -- Native Americans believe it is lucky to keep mementos in a specially made bag. I bought it at Prairie Edge [].

My dresses:
I have found a great tailor called Darren Gander, who makes me the most beautiful dresses that are so unrestrictive and practical, so I can play the piano exuberantly. They are very Ali McGraw glamour meets Diane von Furstenberg prints. The arms are cut so I can be free and expressive while I perform.

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