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Associated Press (US)
March 23, 2005

Tori Amos Tries to Explain Writing Process

Entertainment - AP Gossip/Celebrity

NEW YORK - Tori Amos says that the process of writing a song can be messy, quite literally.

She said recently in an interview with AP Radio that she's the most disorganized person that she knows, and that all her scribbling is scattered all over her house.

"I have hundreds of scribbles," she said. "Every day I'm scribbling something somewhere and I'm losing something everyday."

Even if she loses something, Amos says that if the song was destined to be written, it will come back. And some of them hang around for a long time.

"Sometimes it files away for years," she said. "There are a few that I've got going on now that I've had for a long time."

The piano songstress admits that it's a strange process but one that she wants to try and capture and explain to her fans.

"Music is this elusive creature," she said. "So trying to talk about how to capture it has been challenging and something I wanted to do before I forgot my process all together."

Amos' latest album is called The Beekeeper.

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