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VH1 News (US, TV)
March 23, 2005

Tori Amos interview


Announcer: Tori Amos is back with her new album, The Beekeeper, as well as her autobiography Piece by Piece. But her lyrics are often opaque, in the book she speaks directly about her entire life. She believes that along with some of her peers, she has been misrepresented by the press.

Tori: The media likes to put labels on people. You know, Bjorks' the pixy, Polly the Sex Goddess, Tori, the Fairy Princess. And now at 41, the idea of being considered a Fairy princess is quite magnificent.

Announcer: A preacher's daughter Amos has taken on religion in her music and describes her views in Piece by Piece.

Tori: This is a quote from my dear dad, The Reverend Doctor Edison Mckinley Amos: "For good or ill, Tori Ellen, you are a daughter of the Christian church." And I have not made the choice to become a part of the organized religious system that he is a part of.

Announcer: Amos writes that her first crush at age 6 was Jesus Christ. But as a teenager it became Robert Plant, whose band Led Zeppelin, inspired her to create music that combined the sacred and the profane.

Tori: These guys were very, very threatening to the leaders of the church. Because let's face it, they knew that their daughters' hips were wiggling.

Announcer: Amos's hips will be wiggling on her piano bench of course, as she hits the road for The Beekeeper. For more info, go to

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