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May 29, 2005


American singer TORI AMOS credits motherhood with helping her overcome the trauma of being raped at gunpoint - because she didn't want her daughter to be raised by a troubled parent.

The CORNFLAKE GIRL was attacked when she was 22, by a fan in Los Angeles she had given a life to.

But she forced herself to come to terms with the ordeal after giving birth to NATASHYA, now four years old, because she refused to let her rapist turn her into a depressed, withdrawn parent.

She explains, "Motherhood has healed me. Several nights a week, every week, after the LA incident, I would have nightmares.

"I would see somebody come into the room, coming to harm me. It was always life and death - often I would die.

"But I worked with this English therapist, and when I became pregnant I began to fight back because I didn't want to be a miserable mother."

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