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Us (US)
April 2, 2007

Tori's Disguises

by Eric Andersson

Tori Amos is into role-playing. For American Doll Posse, her first album in more than two years, due out May 1, the piano-playing alt-rocker, 43, developed five female characters around the recordís 20 tracks. "The album is a collection of stories," Amos (who lives in Cornwall, England, with husband Mark Hawley and daughter Natashya, 6), tells Us. "Each story is a chapter from one of the women."

All in the family -- Hawley, a sound engineer, worked on the album too. "There are moments when it can be really sexy and moments when you really disagree," Amos tells Us of working with him. "That can be tricky when you go back to the same room at the end of a long day!"

The Maryland native (whose breakout was 1992's Little Earthquakes) tells Us her daughter is following in her musical footsteps: "She'll look up and say, 'Let's play a duet!'"

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