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Daily Telegraph (Australia, www)
September 15, 2007

Ode to Britney

by Bronwyn Thompson

SINGER-songwriter Tori Amos sang an off the cuff song about Britney Spears' spiralling life during one of her Australian concerts this week.

Amos performed the song in Melbourne on Tuesday, in the aftermath of Spears' disastrous MTV Video Music Awards performance.

"I came up with a song that I think shows both sides. Because she did set herself up, as well," Amos said.

Spears had reportedly been drinking before her performance, and had spent many nights prior to the show out partying in Las Vegas.

"When you come out of the Disney system, you're so sheltered from how things really are," she said. "Sometimes these people - it's not just Britney, there are a few of them - aren't able to function. They just don't know how to."

The 44-year-old artist also cites Spears' rift with her mother Lynn as a possible reason for the pop star's erratic behaviour.

"If you don't have a good relationship with your mother, then you'd better get a good relationship with somebody who fills that hole," she said. "And if I put a restraining order on my mother, then I'm going to defecate all over myself - it's just going to happen. But then you can't defend me.

"You can't defend people who shut the people out of their lives. We can't make excuses for that."

Amos recently told "You see a lot of women today - maybe in magazines - crawling out of cars and thinking it's sexy,"

"(And) for the most part, you don't hear guys going, 'Wow! I am just blown away by that beauty or by that woman's way. There's something about her.' No. Do you know what they do? They laugh. They laugh when we're spreading our legs and crawling out of a car. It's tragic. Ultimately, we demean ourselves."

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