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The New York Times Magazine (US)
Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Originals

Tori Amos - Songbird

by Alex Hawgood
photo by Robert Maxwell

For the musician Tori Amos, the best way to travel is to step onstage. "Performing is like taking a magic carpet ride," she says. Her songs cover a wide range of subjects, from sexuality to religion to designer accessories. (Sample lyric: "Somewhere in the hills of Ireland, there's a Prada bag.")

Comic Book Tattoo, an anthology of graphic art inspired by her songs, is due out in July. The book follows last year's Legs and Boots, a series of live "bootlegs" sold through her Web site, and her American Doll Posse World Tour.

Ever the provocateur, she invited Pope Benedict XVI to her show in Rome. (He never R.S.V.P.'ed.) Despite his absence, Amos still managed to feel a higher power. Of giving a concert, she says: "It's a legal way to get ecstasy. But there is less of a hangover if you go my way."


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