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What? (UK)
Spring 2010 (March 2010)

edited and published by Tori's friend and stylist, Karen Binns

Tori Amos

"There is nothing more sensual than an idea."

"If we continue to abuse Earth and her Earth Law she will reject us from her surface, us, her human children.... at some point. And ultimately, she has the power to do this."

Editorial by Karen Binns

On the cover of this issue we have my long-time friend and sista Tori Amos, which I guess speaks for itself. She is one of the most insanely attractive people of our time: singer, songwriter, producer and a true Goddess. Knowing and hanging out with Tori is like flying on a silver carpet with candied apples and red wine. She has been an inspiration to my creative being for the last 17 years. Tori is the true channeler of our times, her success is not from the size of her wardrobe but from the spirit of her blood. Her Goddess is always on tap. She was born with that 'thing' you just can't purchase, manipulate or steal -- it's orginial without a price. Not forgetting to mention her dedication to her charity/hotline RAINN -- Rape, Absue, and Incest National Network (

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Behind the Scenes of the Photo Shoot

March 15, 2010

From what I know about Tori Amos she's a hugely popular private person, our in house make up artist Norah Nona spent some time with Tori on a shoot photographed by Victor de Mello for the cover of WHAT? magazine. And here we have an exclusive scoop on the laws of attraction with Tori Amos... In Nora's own illustrious words..

Hi it's Nora Nonah, make up artist to the fabulous.. with hair and make-up done Tori looks at Victor and says "are we ready? lets go" Fully aware that he's addressing a music legend, in a boyish voice Victor asks her "what kind of music do you like?".. " Rolling Stones" she says.

She tucks her head into her chest, slowly lifts her arms in the air like an eagle before raising her fiery mane of red hair -- even more slowly reveals dark dirty smoky eyes and looks straight at the camera.

It seems that Victor and Tori had yet to be introduced, here's an introduction the Mello way.. "please allow me to introduce myself he says, I am a man of wealth and taste. Iíve been around for a long long year stolen many manís soul and faith. Pleased you meet you I hope you guessed my name?" That's what I love about Victor! he can so read a situation. He was letting Tori introduce herself to him through music. "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones could not have been a more appropriate start to the shoot with the daughter of a preacher.

Quick change of looks styled by Karen Binns who's been working with Tori since she was in her 20s and sheís back in front of the camera. With the song "Miss You" now playing, Tori, wearing a black tasselled top and tight white jeans, moves to the music which wraps itself around her and we're all tuned into Tori's sensuality that suddenly enveloped the room. In that moment she owned that song and we were the lucky ones able to see this beautiful side of Tori up close and personal.

I thank Karen Binns Publisher & Editor of What? Magazine for making it happen.

Victor De Mello for understanding women

Kavita Kaul for always being there for me

Barry for loving Tori and great hair

Tori Amos for sharing yourself with us, showing us another side of her.


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