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Brigitte (Germany)
September 15, 2011

photo by Victor de Mello

Tori Amos: We have the world premiere of her new video

On her new album 'Night of Hunters', Tori Amos tells the dramatic story of a woman standing besides the smithereens of her relationship. In the song 'Nautical Twilight', of which we can offer you the world premiere, the surreal mood of the moment between day and night at the seaside begins. And she surprises us with a very young guest star about whom we talk with the singer. Who is that beautiful woman that floats so fairylike with you through the video?

Tori Amos: The song deals with the heroic journey of a woman at the crossroad of a shattered relationship. He has left her. But nature comes to the rescue, through time and space, in the form of the three-sided Goddess Anabelle. The Goddess is ancient, but as she speaks to this woman I imagine her as a young beauty. That is why she is played by Tash, my daughter. There is an inescapable sense of pride in her voice!

Tori Amos: Tash started her classes in performing arts two days ago. My daughter just turned eleven. Ever since she was six she wanted to be an actress. She lives in London. It is just as exciting for her as it is for me (laughs)! Tash also sings on the record. She was ten when we shot the video. Her generation just looks so big. She looks so grown-up. A real young lady.

Tori Amos: I have talked a great deal with her about the album and she said: 'Mom, listen to me! Adults never listen to children when they speak about their ideas. Just because we are children. But very often we know it all better than the adults, Mummy!' I am certain some children are very wise indeed. Smarter than we are, that's for sure. We both were drawn to the idea of Mother Nature being able to change her appearance. The fact she can have the look of a little girl, but with wisdom of the Earth. It's marvelous you were able to work this closely with your daughter.

Tori Amos: It's wonderful to work with her! With Tash I have decided that in this song cycle, besides the shattered relationship there is even a bigger crisis. It is explained in the title track 'Night of Hunters'. The 21st century has a problem that will not simply vanish. In a poetical sense we refer to it as 'penetrating children' dreams', which is our metaphor of something much darker: the abuse of children. Anabelle says to the woman: 'You have to gather the forces of fire. You have to solve your marital issues, because we need you for a much bigger battle!' 'Night of Hunters' is a multi-layered album. How long did you work on it?

Tori Amos: The idea arose about a year ago. I had been interested in Irish mythology ever since I was my daughter's age. I always wanted to use it for a project, but it never fit in. But this music is so demanding it could not be accompanied by clichéd lyrics you so often hear in pop music (starts to sing and laughs:) 'Make me feel good baby all night loooong' -- How would you match this with Bach? The music is based on well known classical pieces. In this video we hear the 'Venetian Boat Song' by Mendelssohn.

Tori Amos: When the record company suggested a song cycle I could not refuse, even though it is quite a risky project. To be honest: I'd rather tackle the fashion industry than to disgrace classical music. I rather throw my handbag in front of me and run naked through the streets of Berlin on my Louboutins than messing up this project. I can be quite shy.


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