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Rolling Stone (US)
March 28, 2014

Tori Amos Confronts Satan in New Single 'Trouble's Lament'

by Ryan Reed

Tori Amos dwells in dark lyrical territory on the haunting track "Trouble's Lament," the first single she has released from her forthcoming LP, Unrepentant Geraldines. The song finds Amos focusing her attention on the Prince of Darkness: "Satan knows how danger makes you feel," she sings, showcasing her vocal range over eerie pianos, brushed drums and acoustic guitars. Listen to the track below.

"Having been born in North Carolina, the South walks with me wherever I am in the world," Amos said about the song in a statement. "I can't get it out of my DNA. I don't know if it's a genetic thing, because my mother's side, so far back, is from the Eastern Cherokee nation. So it's really in the blood. It's almost like you listen to the land speaking to you. And wherever I am I can hear the South calling me. I really like the idea that trouble was a young woman. . . I see her on my travels a lot. And maybe I knew her many years ago when I was in my 20s."

Unrepentant Geraldines, which is Amos' 14th album and due out May 13th, finds the singer-songwriter returning to her primary instrument, the piano, after the orchestral explorations of her previous LP, 2012's Gold Dust. In February, she told Rolling Stone that the new album chronicles her experiences with visual art.

"I've always been inspired by visual artists of all mediums because, as with music, art is not a job you can go to and leave from, but it is something that defines who and what you are," she said. "Visual artists shake up our brains and force us to look at everything, from objects we don't normally think twice about to people we might not have cared about. In one image, they can remind us of nature's power to enchant, as well as humankind's fruitless attempt to overpower her or simply second-guess her. Through the visual artist's application of tone, shape, pattern and pigment, I not only begin to see, but I can honestly say I begin to hear."

Amos will be touring behind Unrepentant Geraldines this summer, kicking off the North American leg of the trek on July 16th at the Orpheum in Vancouver. She'll venture down to the United States for a run of dates before bowing out August 24h at Miami, Florida's Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason Theatre. Her international dates begin in May and include stops in Ireland, France, Belgium, Italy and Russia.


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