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Us (US)
May 26, 2014

Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

Tori Amos: What's In My Bag?

Singer-songwriter Tori Amos, 50, takes Us on a tour of her tote

I move pretty fast, rocking from one country to the next," says the '90s icon, who's on the road with her new album, Unrepentant Geraldines. "I have to keep three currencies in my bag!" The mom of daughter Natasha, 13, with husband of 16 years Mark Hawley, 49, shows Us what else she carries in her Bally purse.

Nailing It
"If I'm playing the piano properly, my manicure will chip from hitting the keys quite hard -- but that's a bad look. I always have Quickies polish-remover wipes so that I can start over on the go."

Grin and Bear It
"I take pictures of my daughter's Tatty bear everywhere -- a nice French restaurant next to a glass of champagne, a toy shop in Heathrow Airport -- then I Snapchat them to Tash. That's our little thing."

Retro Read
"Anytime I start to complain, I open up a Time Traveler's Guide to historical England and it instantly makes me feel better about life. You realize you could be getting your hand chopped off. Or your head!"

Memory Magic
"Nordic Naturals NHS is a fish oil for the brain, which helps me remember all my songs. The strawberry flavor tastes great."

Straighten Up
"I have Invisalign for my bottom teeth. I've been wearing it for a year -- but not often enough. I'm going to get a call from my dentist!"

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