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Daily Mail (UK)
August 14, 2014

Cornflake Girl: Tori Amos rocked a denim motorcycle jacket outside HuffPost Live studios in Manhattan Thursday

'It was a very challenging time for me': Tori Amos reveals her 13-year-old daughter Tash helped her face turning 50

By Cassie Carpenter for MailOnline
photos by Derek Storm

Tori Amos rocked a denim motorcycle jacket outside HuffPost Live studios in Manhattan Thursday.

The eight-time Grammy nominee -- who turns 51 next week -- covered up in a red button-up tunic over black leggings and peep-toe booties.

Greeting her famously devoted fans, the flame-haired songstress accentuated her baby blues with a pair of 1950s-style cat-eye glasses.

During her Huffington Post Live interview, Amos revealed that it was her daughter Natashya -- age 14 next month -- who helped her face turning 50.

'It was a very challenging time for me going from 49 to 50 for all kinds of reasons,' Tori -- born Myra Ellen -- admitted.

'And [Tash] was the one who said to me, "You have got to promise me that you're going to get your head around this, because if you don't get your head around this and you don't rock as hard as you did 20 years ago, [then] what is your message to me, Mom? You're telling me that 50 isn't as powerful as 30. You're not 84!"'

The nineties icon continued: 'And I began to realise she was right. She said, "You have to go out there on your own -- no orchestra, no band -- and do it and rock." But I don't have to prove anything, and she said, "Oh yeah, you have to prove it to yourself."'

The eccentric mezzo-soprano -- who often straddles her Bösendorfer piano and Hammond organ -- dueted with Tasha on her new song, "Promise."

Amos' critically-acclaimed 14th studio album Unrepentant Geraldines peaked at number 7 on the US Billboard 200 and number 13 on UK Albums.

Not seen Thursday was her husband of 16 years, English sound engineer Mark Hawley.

The family-of-three divides its time among Sewall's Point in Florida, Kinsale (County Cork) in Ireland, and Bude in Cornwall in England.

The Little Earthquakes singer also reached another milestone this month -- the 20th anniversary of her rape/incest organisation RAINN.

Tori will next take her Unrepentant Geraldines Tour to Massachusetts' Opera House in Boston this Friday.


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