i m p r o v s

"toodles mr lott"
December 14, 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada

[Tori says...]

So um, I was watching the news last night. Things are pretty sticky back East, huh? What is that, how should that go? Let's try...

[Tori sings, to the tune of her song Toodles Mr Jim...]

Toodles, Mr. Lott
I said, toodles Mr. Lott
you cherry picker
Toodles, I said so long, girls
hear that your grave's
a little warm, you stickler
sing them all that happy song
it's today, today
by your grave
Toodles, Mr. Lott
you cherry picker
Toodles, I say so long
and I know that it's rough
in the world sometimes
but we have to think about
what we believe in

t o r i p h o r i a