i m p r o v s

"next week"
September 4, 2003
West Palm Beach, Florida

what are you gonna do
next week
what are you gonna do

[a guy in the audience yells, "Butterfly!"]

"fuck that"
I tried to play it in Atlanta
and no
didn't come to the show
tried to play it where Mickey lives
but she said, "no way
I'm not having any of this"

What am I gonna do next week
go to ballet class
in a driving pool
don't know what shoes
I could wear
have to pass the cows
on my way there

I think
I'll think of you
next week
I think
I'll walk down
a tiny street
there will be butterflies aplenty
but there won't be
Matty the drummer
and Mister Jon and
the crew and the buses
and all of you

What will I do next week?
I'll do my laundry
that's a lie
I wish I could
but I'm told
they all change colors
when I get ahold of them

Husband's laundry
I think he gives it to Joel
or somebody else
who's been to school
all I know is
all the times we've had
I think
I think
I'll think of you next week

t o r i p h o r i a