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Here. In My Head

Lyrics by Tori Amos

In my head
I found you there
And running around
And following me
But you don't dare
But I find that I have now
More than I ever wanted to.

So maybe Thomas Jefferson
Wasn't born in your backyard,
Like you have said,
And maybe I'm just the horizon
You run to when she has left you
There you are
Here. In my head
And running around
And calling me

Come back.
I'll show you the roses
That brush off the snow
And open their petals again and again.
And you know that apple green ice cream
Can melt in your hands.
I can't

So I, I held
Your hand at the fair
And even forgot what time it was

And even Thomas Jefferson
Wasn't born in your backyard
Like you have said
And maybe I'm just the horizon
You run to when she has left you
And me, here, alone on the floor.
You're counting my feathers
As the bells toll

You see, the bow and the belt
And the girl from the South
All favorites of mine,
You know them all well.
And Spring brings fresh little puddles.
That makes it all clear,
Makes it all here.
Do you know
Hey, do you know,
what this is doing to me,
Ah... here
Here. In my head?

Tori Quotes

Do you sometimes just dream and you think your dreams are what you're really living but you're really not? That's like my life all the time. I'm always in this dream and going, "Wow, this is really happening." And it's like, "No, Tori, it isn't. This is just all in your mind." And this song came from that place that's like all in my mind. I think I write better when I'm all in my mind. So, in a way, it's kind of good that I think I live in my dreams... [Milan, Italy - April 18, 1994]

"Here. In My Head" was written after the album was way out. I would have held it for Under the Pink -- I was gonna hold it, because I was writing it just when I started writing "Pretty Good Year," and should have done that. [Beat - July 14, 1994]

Live Versions

"Here. In My Head"
November 8, 1992 - Albany, New York

"Here. In My Head"
December 10, 1992 - London, England
Later... with Jools Holland

"Here. In My Head"
December 2, 2017 - Los Angeles, California

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