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Thank You

written by Robert Plant & Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)


If the sun refused to shine
I would still be loving you
mountains crumble to the sea
there would still be you and me

kind woman, I give you my all
kind woman, nothing more

little drops of rain whisper on the plains
tears have run thrust in the days gone by
if our love is strong, here there is no wrong
together we shall go until we die
oh, my, my
inspiration is what you are to me
inspiration, love to see

If the sun refused to shine
I would still be loving you
mountains crumble to the sea
there would still be you
you and me

* Note: the original song lyrics for the lines
"little drops of rain whisper on the plains
tears have run thrust in the days gone by"

are "little drops of rain whisper of the pain
tears of loves lost in the days gone by"

Tori also changed "inspiration, look see"
to "inspiration, love to see"

Tori Quotes

Of course there's a Led Zeppelin track, of course. Always, forever and amen. Led Zeppelin are four of the 12 disciples, they just got it wrong in the picture. When I was 10, in 1973, I used to go round to my friend Emily's house and we used to go down to the basement and listen to Led Zep and look at Playgirl magazines. We were educating ourselves because nobody else was educating us. We felt so stupid. Do you know what it's like to be a girl and have blood running down your legs and think that you're dying, just because no one's told you that's what happens? It's horrible. So we mutinied, we decided mothers were the enemy and we were gonna educate ourselves. [Melody Maker - May 28, 1994]

As a piano player, I studied him [Jimmy Page], and I studied him, and I studied him. And I said, "I'm gonna bring this to the piano." Because he was the bridge, I felt, from classical music to contemporary playing. He understood that. And Robert, of course... is the Goddess. I mean, Robert understands the energy of the feminine. You're looking at a bit of Merlin... and when you understand that, you understand what their power was... about the sensuality of the Goddess, that's what their music was about.

And Tori, they've been often copied and covered, and no-one so *beautifully*, in my opinion anyway, as you did with that, ah, song Thank You that was on a little EP of yours. Just the most beautiful cover of one of those... Interpretation of one of their songs.

That's good. I think it's great that Zeppelin is getting played a lot, I think they've inspired so much music... and people go back to those records because they are a bench-mark, no different than The Beatles. It's very similar. Well I try, again, when I do a cover, I try and approach it from... Okay, the piano will look at me sideways and she'll go, "How can we put this in our language, and honor it?" Because their version is always, you know, the definitive. And now how can we bring it to this instrument? The piano, which I think has been stigmatized, the piano isn't given her due. And a lot of times she's relegated to sappy-crappy pop music or, you know, just strict classical music. [JJJ FM, Australia - February 26, 1996]

"Thank You" is a wonderful song. I covered it a while back. I think Robert wrote it for his partner, and I remember thinking, I wish I could write something like that. My favorite has to be "Whole Lotta Love," though. When I first met my husband, that song took on a new significance. Suddenly it was Oreo cookies again. "Whole Lotta Love" is an aphrodisiac, and it makes you want to put on your kitten-heel boots. [Mojo - October 2001]

Live Versions

"Whole Lotta Love"/"Thank You"
November 8, 1994 - Montreal, Canada

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