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Lyrics by Tori Amos

Thoughts right now
I picked up a magazine
Oh... hey hey...
Here they go:
Fifteen hundred years...
Fifteen hundred years right here...
Burning witches.
Burning books.
Burning babies in their looks.
Yes, indeed.
Burning everything that's sacred in my jeans, yeah.
Oh... thoughts right now:
She'd been everybody else's girl.
Thoughts right now... now...
Thoughts right now...
Right... right now:
Am I here
Or am I here?
I'm never here.
I'm never here.
I'm never here.
I am never, never a bird
In the flower
in the tree
In the pain of the respect thereof.
Yes, indeed.
Thoughts right now:
What will become of me,
Become of her,
Become of we, babe?

Tori Quotes

"Girl" was being recorded and I couldn't get a take. I was freaking out. Eric was in the booth playing air ball encouraging me to take a ten-minute. Glued on the bench, I started this thing, coming from nowhere, singing nonsense into the mic. When I finished Eric said "it's a take." I said "what?" -- he had left the machine running. [Little Earthquakes songbook]

Live Versions

studio version and live version
November 28, 1998 - Akron, Ohio (starts at 2:38)

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