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London Girls

Written by Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock


Some people sing about Deutsche girls
and girls from California
they might be alright for a night alright
but don't trust them I warn you
I've been to the east and I've been out west
and I've been the world around
but I ain't seen none come anywhere near
the girls from London town

Give me a london girl every time
I've got to find one
I've made up my mind
Give me a London girl every time
I want a London girl

Marry a girl from London town
you know you can trust her
she'll darn your socks, and wash and mend
you're trousers if ya bust 'em, yes
they're all good cooks
and they got good looks
and they wont lead you a dance
said, I gotta find a London girl
if I get a half a chance

Oh, give me a London girl every time
I've got to find one
I've made up my mind
Give me a London girl every time
I want a London girl

London girls are the best in the world
there ain't no doubt about it
if ya can't find a girl from London town
you're better off a-doin' without it
they don't create when you come home late
and you're crawlin' up the passage floor
and they wont muck about, yes
when you've gone out with the geezer
from the house next door

Oh, give me a London girl every time
I've got to find one
I've made up my mind, I said
honey, give me a london girl, babe
every little time
your legs turn to jelly
and I got a little smelly
but I know it's just what I want
'cause I need a London girl
oh, every time
they've always got a pound
to buy their round
when it's their turn at the bar

Tori Quotes

Why the Chas & Dave covers?

"[Laughs]. Well the guys were singing a lot of Chas & Dave during the making of this record [Boys for Pele]... Well, the guys would sing, Mustn't Grumble and I would go, 'Who does the grumble song?' They said, 'Chas & Dave,' and I asked them to show me more stuff that they did. I heard 'London Girls' and 'That's What I Like Mick' and I just said, 'Roll tape, guys, press the red button.' I wrote down the lyrics so fast then just went in and cut 'em. It kinda became about... Y'know I just started when I heard 'London Girls.' I took it from the Marlene Dietrich standpoint. I was seeing the bombs drop on England and I just saw myself as this German cabaret dyke who kind of fell in love with these women who were running from these bombs that were being dropped. I didn't have a political viewpoint in my mind. I wasn't thinking about the Nazis, I was just thinking about the idea that these women had this fortitude, and how beautiful they were. I kinda just took on this personal of myself that's like, y'know, a German dyke cabaret singer.... and I sang it from that perspective. And 'That's What I Like Mick,' of course, I sang from the perspective of mouldy cheese. [Laughs]." [Take to the Sky - May 1996]

Marcel van Limbeek Quotes

"Chas & Dave were one of my first regular monitor engineering gigs after I moved to England in 1991. We played nearly every bingo hall in London. I hardly spoke any English at the time but they made me (and the rest of the crew) come on stage and sing backing vocals on one of their songs. Mark and I did plenty of Chas & Dave gigs together long before we'd even heard of Tori Amos. She's even recorded 2 of their songs: 'That's What I Like' and my personal favorite 'London Girls.'" [Facebook - July 11, 2017]

Live Versions

"London Girls"
1996 - live in concert

"London Girls"
September 2017 - BBC2, London
Jools Holland Radio Show

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