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That's What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song)

Written by Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock


cheese and onion sandwiches
and Derby chinaware
fiddles and jigs, and Wogie my dog
and Aunty Vi having a swear
taking my dad for a pint or two
on a Sunday morning stroll
licorice pipes and baggy suits
Glen Hoddle scoring a goal
catching a pike and riding me bike
old wooden wheels and a bowl of eels

yes, that's what I like, boy
that's what I like

pie and mash in liquor,
a-walking about in the rain
readin' 'em books, and comical looks
pianos, trams and trains
coals 'n cockles and thunderstorms
and plays on the wireless and all
grandfather clocks and Coke and brandy
fountain pens and Beano & Dandy

that's what I like, I said
hey, that's what I like

little pubs out in the country
mother of pearl and Barnet Fair
the sound of a banjo, barbershop singing
and having a kip in the chair
burnt toast and beer from the wood
and old Terry Thomas's teeth
Jerry 'n Chet, cannon & ball
and banjo pickin' Bill Keith
and ol' bank loads and wood burning stoves
Shirley Maclaine and Petticoat Lane

that's what I like, I said
that's what I like, yes boy
yes, that's just, ohh

bubble and squeak and jumble sales
Little Richard and Jerry Lee
bonfire nights, Southend lights
and paddling in the sea
polished brass and copper
Salvation Army bands
violins and old coach inns
and coloured elastic bands
tea in the morning and winter beginning
fishing rods, frogs and spurs are winning

yes, that's what I like
hey, that's what I like

a day at the races, off in the bases
going down hopping in Kent
a new pair of braces, little kids faces
sleeping out under a tent
and Waggons and chickens
and picking blackberries
and swallows and sledges
and Devon and cherries
and Haddock and trotters
and horses and nippers
and cider and celery
banjo and kippers

yeah, that's what I like, boy
that's what I like

Tori Quotes

Why the Chas & Dave covers?

"[Laughs]. Well the guys were singing a lot of Chas & Dave during the making of this record [Boys for Pele]... Well, the guys would sing, Mustn't Grumble and I would go, 'Who does the grumble song?' They said, 'Chas & Dave,' and I asked them to show me more stuff that they did. I heard 'London Girls' and 'That's What I Like Mick' and I just said, 'Roll tape, guys, press the red button.' I wrote down the lyrics so fast then just went in and cut 'em. It kinda became about... Y'know I just started when I heard 'London Girls.' I took it from the Marlene Dietrich standpoint. I was seeing the bombs drop on England and I just saw myself as this German cabaret dyke who kind of fell in love with these women who were running from these bombs that were being dropped. I didn't have a political viewpoint in my mind. I wasn't thinking about the Nazis, I was just thinking about the idea that these women had this fortitude, and how beautiful they were. I kinda just took on this personal of myself that's like, y'know, a German dyke cabaret singer.... and I sang it from that perspective. And 'That's What I Like Mick,' of course, I sang from the perspective of mouldy cheese. [Laughs]." [Take to the Sky - May 1996]

Marcel van Limbeek Quotes

"Chas & Dave were one of my first regular monitor engineering gigs after I moved to England in 1991. We played nearly every bingo hall in London. I hardly spoke any English at the time but they made me (and the rest of the crew) come on stage and sing backing vocals on one of their songs. Mark and I did plenty of Chas & Dave gigs together long before we'd even heard of Tori Amos. She's even recorded 2 of their songs: 'That's What I Like' and my personal favorite 'London Girls.'" [Facebook - July 11, 2017]

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