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Beulah Land

Lyrics by Tori Amos

Beulah Land
got a wasted gun
licorice man
I'll sum you up
thumbs up
I got something in that sand
Beulah girl
you been hitchin' me up

got some candy and a sweet sing
gimme religion and a lobotomy

Beulah land
you beautiful whore
tell me when
I don't need you anymore

and said that somewhere
you're gonna get something here
so you're right in the middle
and then I'm you
something is coming back again
and I said
maybe I don't wanna go
to where you're not, and so

Beulah land
gotta find me a warm
place to bathe this body on down
got a rubber board
and a crocodile
gonna float
on past your home
say when
just say when
just say when

Tori Quotes

"On 'Jackie's Strength' I have two unreleased songs that are coming out as part of the CD [single], as part of the 'Jackie' package. Obviously 'Jackie' is one, and 'Never Seen Blue,' and the third track is called 'Beulah Land.' These two songs were also written for Boys for Pele and recorded for it but weren't right, so I held them, and now they feel current; they feel like their time is now." [TV Guide Online chat - August 5, 1998]

Live Versions

"Beulah Land"
November 29, 2011 - Atlanta, Georgia

"Beulah Land"
November 12, 2017 - Nashville, Tennessee

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