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A Piano: The Collection (box set)

press release / promo CD

Walk to Dublin (Sucker Reprise)

Lyrics by Tori Amos

If I walk to Dublin
'cause my feet are god are sore, but I'll show them
I've got a girl in my pocket book
and some proverbs is
Gonna take it, take it there

bulls and curdeling and something's happening
I'm property of my family and
Gideon tell me where to go
I'm gonna show
break down your father's alter and moo

Do a jig, do a jig, do a jig
Do a jig, do a jig, do a jig, do a jig

If I walk to Dublin
I'm gonna pass that turquoise lady
in her new white Nike flats
and something's flat
I said, I need size 10,000 for my ass, yes

do a jig, do a jig
make 'em laugh
do a jig, do a jig, do a jig
hey, make 'em laugh
'cause he won't be coming back
said, he won't be coming back

If I make the golden hordes
and the Lord needs men, he needs good men
the Lord needs the U.S. Marines
I said, I got them numbers in my sheep machine
I got me an electric sheep machine

said, do a jig, do a jig, do a jig
Let me plague myself with the West in his head
I said, do a jig
make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh
just make him laugh
'cause he won't be coming back
yes, 'cause he won't be coming back
said, he won't be coming back


Got it.
The drinking test is pu, pu, puzzling
The drinking test is puzzling, Marcel
for those that laughed are described both
as drinking as a dog
drinking as a dog face, they say
was misplaced
we wonder whether the Lord chose a few good men
whether the Lord chose the U.S. Marines


Recorded in 1995
Mixed in 1998 by Mark Hawley & Marcel van Limbeek
Harpsichord, Bösendorfer, and Vocals - Tori Amos
Drum Programming - Alan Friedman

Tori Quotes

Amos has written several songs about Ireland (none, as yet, about Kinsale). She composed "Walk to Dublin," a Pele b-side, after a particularly frustrating day recording at a church in Delgany, County Wicklow ("I wanted to get out of there, walk to Dublin"). [Irish Examiner - June 2, 2014]

I don't know why this didn't end up on Boys for Pele. I think that I just got pissed off because people wanted me to make it more commercial, thinking I could make it more like a single by changing its structure, and I didn't want to change one little bit of it. Therefore I just rebelled, and I didn't put it anywhere. We tried mixing it in 1998 during the choirgirl era. But I didn't want to present it as a B-side, so they mixed it, put it away, and I forgot all about it until Mark found it in the tape library while working on this box set. It was mixed with the flavor of the choirgirl time, and I think you can hear that when you listen to it -- it has a little bit of both Pele and choirgirl. You're hearing it how it wanted to be. [A Piano liner notes - 2006]

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