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Night of Hunters intro by tori

Nautical Twilight

variation on: Mendelssohn, Venetian Boat Song (from Songs without Words op. 30)

Lyrics by Tori Amos

As the day gave way to Nautical Twilight
I turned my back on the force of which I knew
I abandoned it, rupturing a delicate balance
when I left my world for his.

Day after day, as my city fades
and is swallowed by his sea
and She is boundless
even breaking on the beach

every Alchemist
knows fusion and fission
can unify or drive a force to split

He has been possessed
to drink of the spices from the east
by his Liquid Mistress
Which then pushed me into the lair
of Uranium -- She divides time between
Greed and his twin Tyranny

Day after day, cities are betrayed
and the earthy sons lay their blame
and She is boundless
but by then she has been frayed

As the night gives way to Nautical Dawn
I can see I must activate the force of which I am made

Tori Quotes

Tori reveals when she turned her back on her own force of fire -- "I abandoned it rupturing a delicate balance when I left my world for his." She now sees what this has done to imbalance their relationship. She expands on the idea Anabelle planted in "Job's Coffin" about "a power of old who wanted Earth to be controlled." The consequence of any force turning their back on their own power is no different than using it for destructive purposes. Tori realizes she must make the choice to reactivate her inner life force. [Night of Hunters commentary - July 2011]

The song deals with the heroic journey of a woman at the crossroad of a shattered relationship. He has left her. But nature comes to the rescue, through time and space, in the form of the three-sided Goddess Anabelle. The Goddess is ancient, but as she speaks to this woman I imagine her as a young beauty. That is why she is played by Tash, my daughter. [Brigitte - September 15, 2011]

Live Versions

"Nautical Twilight"
October 3, 2011 - New York, New York - WNYC Soundcheck

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