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Tori Amos & Natashya Hawley duet

Lyrics by Tori Amos

Tori: Promise not to say

Tash: that you told me so
Promise not to say

Tori: that I'm getting too old

Tash: Promise not to take

Tori: never take your phone

Tash: I mean take their word

Tori: you mean over yours?
what I need to know, will you

Tash: Be there

Tori: Where the sun shines

Tash: I will be there

Tori: you are the light

Tash: that follows you everywhere

Tash and Tori: look for my love

Tash: where the sun shines
I will be there

Tori: will you

Tash: Promise not to judge

Tori: to judge who you love
I don't know if I...

Tash: Yes, make that Promise

Tori: whatever it is

Tash: can you hear the truth
if they accuse me

Tori: you think I'll doubt you?
what I need to know, will you

Tash: be there
when I am all alone

Tori: you're not alone

Tash: when I am broken down

Tori: we all break down

Tash: when every door is closed

Tori: there is one more

Tash: will you look for me?
I will rescue you

Tori Quotes

It was really fun to create with Tash, to talk about a relationship between mothers and daughters. And she's, she's very funny, so... we have a very different type of relationship, I guess, then maybe we did several years ago because she's at boarding school now and that changes things. We're traveling a lot, we've been traveling a lot the last couple years and she's become very independent. So, I would say, the song took, took on all of, all of that relationship. Maybe in some ways it's good that she's in boarding school because she's dealing with other authority figures than her dad and her mom; we're not the main people she's dealing with on that level for the majority of the time. And Tash and I were able to talk about different girls that she knows and their relationships with their mothers -- um, some are really good, some are not so good -- and we were asking each other questions about why, why we thought they couldn't communicate, how there is almost a language barrier where one of them doesn't think the other understands them, or understand the seriousness of a situation, or the consequences (if you're the mother), and the daughter thinking, "If you tell me how to tell how to live my life and live my life for me, then it's not me living my life." So these were all kinds of things that were the backdrop of us coming up with a way to promise each other certain things. [Spotify commentary - 2014]

What happens when a mom and daughter don't even get to the point of talking? They don't even get that far because the walls come up. So we decided let's sing something that talks about what we won't do, what we say we won't do to each other and what we say we will do for each other. [CBS Sunday Morning - August 3, 2014]

"Promise" music video, 2014

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