i m p r o v s

"mountain town/hurt"
intro to Bells for Her
November 10, 1996
Boulder, Colorado

Somewhere long ago
in a mountain town, say
somewhere not far from here
me and Beenie had a little fall down
somewhere long ago
not so long as I don’t remember
so long, we can see now
take a little love you and me Beenie
take a little love me back, you say
take a little back sometimes
’cause sometimes I hear him
take me there
within this stronger steel
take me there
within this crawling meat
take me a back to a time
I would sing all day
I hurt myself today
to see if I could feel
I hurt myself today
to see if he could hear
and then I hurt myself today, I said
to see if you could feel
I said, you hurt yourself sweet boy
I tried to never let you down…

t o r i p h o r i a