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Tori Amos: rare & unreleased

Birthday Song

RAINN gift CD, January 2003

Happy Birthday 2002 photos thanks to Kim Nicholas

In 2002, Tori fans were invited to host "Happy Birthday" parties for Tori Amos around the US to raise money for RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. As a thank you, a package was sent to all party hosts which included a CD with this a capella "Birthday Song" sung by Tori herself.

Lyrics by Tori Amos

Don't know what I'm about to say
guess that it's somebody's birthday
but I think I like
cake all over

Yes, I know it's a pretty good time
to be with people with like minds
don't know what to say, never did

So, chocolate and berry
vanilla, oh don't get carried
away, but why not
when it's your birthday

It could be of a friend
It could be of someone that
you're not quite knowing
but why not, I say

Don't know what to say
guess it's somebody's birthday
and I know I wouldn't want to
spend it any way
but with you, so
I need go and
I need you to know,
thank you

"Birthday Song" by Tori Amos

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