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Tori Amos: rare & unreleased

Distant Storm

(unreleased song, 1988)

written by David Wheatley and Paul F. Antonelli
from China O'Brien (unreleased soundtrack)


caught in summer clothes
in freezing winter rain
running through it all
believing in my pain
in a life where only the strong survive
just in time, I easily could have died

I can hear the thunder from a distant storm
I can hear the thunder from a distant storm
ringing in my ears
driving through my tears
driving me through my tears

wish I could go away for a holiday
with a brand new bag for an excellent day
a friend who meets me with a friendly face
got her ache in hand, we're ready for open space

we can frequent fly and put in my shoe
and we'll drive all Tuesday, thinking I can do
flying nowhere special to another town
thinking I might, over and over again

Tori Quotes

In September 1992, Tom Richards, founder of the Upside Down fanzine, randomly watched a B-grade action movie called China O'Brien. Within the first 15 minutes, a song in the movie caught his attention because the voice sounded like Tori Amos. He watched the credits and learned the song was called "Distant Storm," credited to Tess Makes Good.

In January 1993, Tom mentioned the song to Tori and said, "Tori, this has to be you." She asked him to play it for her over the phone and said, "Tom, is that me? It certainly sounds like me. If that's not me, somebody is doing a bloody good job of sounding like me... that has to be me."

Tom then told her about the movie, who wrote the song (David Wheatley and Paul Antonelli) and that is was copy written in 1988, and Tori finally remembered: "I know those guys from L.A., they called me one day and asked that I come down and record a song for them. I really don't remember too many details about the session, except that I was paid $150.00 for doing it. Beyond that, I had no idea the song had ever been used for anything until today." [Upside Down - Spring 1993]

from the China O'Brien credits

"Distant Storm"

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