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Tori Amos: rare & unreleased

French Kiss

(unreleased song, 1990)

Written by Nancy Shanks & Tori Amos

Verse 1:

French kiss, red wine,
grey smoke across the skyline
I used to think that I could see forever
Dark walls, old fears,
these candles hide the years
In the dim light everything looks better


Where do we go
when all the spells are broken
Was freedom just an ability
I only know my heart is still unspoken
But when I look into your eyes
oh, I think that maybe love
stands half a chance this time

Verse 2:

Warm hands, old dusty rose,
girls draped in shades and shadow
Is the truth all I've left to deliver
Bold words, hard lines,
they've all grown pale in my mind
Every time I start to speak I quiver

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