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- Born in North Carolina, Tori Amos grew up in a house filled with the music of Fats Waller, Nat King Cole, and Jimi Hendrix. She started playing piano scores and writing her own songs at the age of four.

- At five, Tori entered the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore on a musical scholarship, only to be expelled for "playing by ear" at 11. By her early teens, she was playing standards and Gershwin classics in bars and hotels in the Washington D.C. area.

- Moving to Los Angeles in her late-teens, Tori rediscovered her old voice -- one that had been repressed by layers of musical convention, and she began to write and play her own compositions again.

- This cycle of psychic oppression and self-liberation is the dynamo that drives Tori's first solo album, "LITTLE EARTHQUAKES." On this stunning collection, Ms. Amos holds nothing back, using her appealing voice, outstanding piano work, and powerful songwriting to bare every inch of her soul.

- Co-producing three of the album's tracks herself, Tori gathered an impressive group of producers for her debut, including Davitt Sigerson (The Bangles, David and David). - Outstanding songs include the yearning, tortured "Crucify," the moving "Silent All These Years," and the pained, gorgeous "China."

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