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Tea with the Waitress

1993-12 / 1994-01-12 / 1994-09-06 / 1994-11-22

Atlantic Records press release
December 1993

Tori Amos: Under the Pink
Atlantic 82567
Produced by Tori Amos & Eric Rosse

* With the February '92 release of "LITTLE EARTHQUAKES," the world was introduced to the wildly original talent of Tori Amos. A uniquely powerful vocalist who pours naked emotion into every song, Tori's riveting performances, both in the studio and in concert, have enchanted legions of fans worldwide.

* Propelled by phenomenal word-of-mouth, massive press raves, heavy MTV play, and the alternative radio smashes, "Silent All These Years" and "Crucify," "LITTLE EARTHQUAKES" undulated to an RIAA gold certification.

* "Newcomer Tori Amos's songs are smart, melodic, and dramatic; the deeper you listen, the hotter they get. 'LITTLE EARTHQUAKES' is a gripping debut," lauded Rolling Stone.

* While she crisscrossed the U.S. on her debut headlining tour, Tori also garnered considerable radio play with her brilliant rendition of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"; the song was featured on "CRUCIFY," Amos's special edition Compact Disc EP.

* Atlantic is very pleased to announce the forthcoming release of "UNDER THE PINK," Tori Amos's eagerly anticipated second full-length solo outing. Produced by Tori and Eric Rosse (who together produced four cuts on Amos's smash solo debut), this brilliant album takes Tori's cathartic art to the next plane.

* While "LITTLE EARTHQUAKES" was about a woman/person's coming to grips with victimization, "UNDER THE PINK" describes a woman/person's taking control both of her life and of her being.

* First single: The intense and groove oriented "GOD". Other standout cuts include the dynamic "Pretty Good Year"; "Baker Baker," a penetrating ballad; the reggae-inflected "Past the Mission"; and "Cornflake Girl."

* There will be a companion video clip for the first single.

* A national consumer print ad campaign is in the works.

* Expect a headlining tour in the spring.

* Merchandising materials: 1x1/Nameboard.


Pretty Good Year
Space Dog
Bells for Her
Baker Baker
Past the Mission
The Waitress
The Wrong Band
Cloud On My Tongue
Cornflake Girl
Yes, Anastasia


Little Earthquakes/82358 * Crucify (EP)/82399


Little Earthquakes/50335v

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