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Atlantic Records press release
May 1994

Dear Media:

A single listen to Tori Amos' first solo CD "Little Earthquakes," or her current release "Under the Pink," leaves the listener awed by her expressive, unique voice. It is a voice that conveys the depth of her lyrics - at once showing her confusion, strength or even raw sexuality. But beyond the technical perfection and lyrical versatility, Tori's voice reaches some of her fans on a much more personal and painful level.

On the song, "Me and a Gun," off the "Little Earthquakes" CD, Tori honestly recounts, through stream-of-consciousness lyrics and a haunting a capella delivery, the story of her own sexual assault. It is a vivid, emotionally violent song that reaches all who hear it on a visceral level. But for those people, especially the young women and men who have also been sexual assault victims, the song makes a connection that often begins the healing process. Tori receives countless letters from these victims detailing their attacks and asking her for guidance and letting her know how she's touched them.

It is for this reason that Tori is being given the 1994 Visionary Award by the DC Rape Crisis Center in Washington on Thursday, June 2nd. Other honorees include Dr. Jocelyn Elders, Surgeon General, the actress/activist Marlo Thomas, and N.Y. Times columnist Anna Quindlen, among others.

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