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Atlantic Records press release
December 7, 1995


On December 11th, "Caught a Lite Sneeze," the first single from acclaimed Atlantic recording artist Tori Amos' forthcoming third album, "BOYS FOR PELE," will be previewed on the Atlantic Records website ( using Progressive Networks' brand new RealAudio Version 2.0 technology. The song will be available in its entirety, marking the first time a complete track by an artist of such popular stature has been made instantly available via the Internet prior to its official release.

The Seattle-based Progressive Networks system enables on-line users to select and playback audio multumedia content on demand, in real time. This is a real breakthrough compared to typical download times encountered with audio content, which, on average, are five times longer than the actual program. In addition, Atlantic's Tori website ( will debut December 15th with samples of three more "... PELE" tracks. Although "" will be the first official Tori Amos website, the artist has already inspired the creation of approximately 30 fan websites to date.

Atlantic Senior Director of Multimedia Sandy Smallens commented: "This is a perfect union of art and technology. Tori Amos is among the most popular artists on the Internet, and there is no better venue to premiere her new music. We've been fans of RealAudio tecnhology since we debuted it with the 'Batman Forever' site -- the first record company usage of the technology -- and now that RealAudio can accommodate FM-quality music, we look forward to being on the cutting edge of providing music on demand for our websurfers."

Maria Cantwell, Vice President of Marketing for Progressive Networks, commented: "Progressive Networks is thrilled that Atlantic Records is using RealAudio to preview Tori Amos' 'Caught a Lite Sneeze' exclusively on the Internet. RealAudio technology gives millions of Internet users access to exclusive content, as well as the potential to hear live Internet concerts."

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