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EastWest (UK) press release
February 20, 1996



Tori Amos, whose eagerly awaited new albums "Boys for Pele" crashed into both the UK and US charts at no. 2, has her new single "Talula" released on March 11th through East West Records. The track has been remixed by dance music's fastest rising star B.T., who recently scored a major hit with his single "Loving You More". The pair are fans of each other's work and after meeting up in London, were suprised to discover that they had actually grown up living so close to each other that they had attended rival high schools. "Boys for Pele" is the follow-up to Tori's Gold-selling no. 1 album "Under the Pink" and 1992's "Little Earthquakes" which have each sold 2 million worldwide.

Written and produced by Tori, "Talula (The Tornado Mix)" is coupled on cassette with the brand new track "Sister Named Desire". CD1 features "Talula" (The Tornado Mix), 11 epic minutes of "B.T.'s Synethasia Mix" and "Amazing Grace/Til the Chicken". CD2 kicks off with The Tornado Mix and also includes three previously unreleased tracks: "Frog on My Toe", "Sister Named Desire" and "Alamo".

At the age of five Tori was packed off to the prestigious Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore where it soon became clear that the classical world was not for her. Expelled at the age of eleven, she spent the next few years playing Gershwin standards in the gay bars of Washington DC and Baltimore. Then, following the ill-fated "Y Kant Tori Read?" rock project in the mid-Eighties, Tori returned to the piano and composed the songs that would become the "Little Earthquakes" album. "Little Earthquakes" was hailed as an instant classic and spawned four hit singles "Winter", "Silent All T?hese Years", "China" and "Crucify". The album went on to sell over one and a half million copies worldwide and helped establish Tori as one of the boldest talents to emerge in the Nineties. 1994 saw the release of "Under the Pink" which debuted at No. 1 in the UK chart and cemented her critical reputation. Three hit singles, "Cornflake Girl", "Past the Mission" and "Pretty Good Year", worldwide album sales in excess of two million, and a lengthy world tour saw Tori hailed across three continents as one of the most compelling live performers around. In addition Tori has sung duets with Michael Stipe, Robert Plant and Trent Reznor, and is a founding member of RAINN (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), which sponsors a toll-free sex abuse hotline in the US.

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