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EastWest press release
September 1, 1999

Tori Amos
to venus and back

Tori Amos releases her new double album to venus and back through Atlantic Records on September 20th. The set features a new full length studio album, coupled with a live disc recorded in concert during 1998's 'Plugged' world tour.

The release of to venus and back was preceded by the release of the new single Bliss as a download from various online retailers such as CD Now, Virgin and Every CD. This is the first time an artist from a major label has sold a download online. The first chart-eligible single to be taken from the album will be Glory of the 80s, released on October 16th.

The studio part of to venus and back was produced by Tori, and features a dozen new Amos-penned tracks. The album features the talents of the 'Plugged' touring band -- Steve Caton on guitar, Matt Chamberlain on drums and Jon Evans on bass -- alongside programmer Andy Gray. The 'plugged' tour was the first time Tori had played with a full band, and the live disc captures the highlights of those concerts.

to venus and back follows on from the multi-million-selling albums Little Earthquakes (1991), Under the Pink (1994), Boys for Pele (1996) and from the choirgirl hotel (1998). Those records established Tori as one of the most strikingly talented song writers around today. Unorthodox, uncompromising and unashamed to follow her own musical instincts wherever they might lead, Tori also emerged as a brilliantly complex piano player.

The new album was originally conceived as a collection of Tori Amos rarities. But as Tori stayed in the studio, tracking B-sides, "...all of these songs kept coming. The writing gods decided to stop by, and you try and be there when the muse decides she wants to hang around with you," explains Tori. "It became quite exciting because we had no idea that we were cutting a new record," she says. "It just grabbed me by the throat, really. We ended up working round the clock and putting it together pretty quickly."

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