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Tales from Tori

November 17, 2003

Making my way up
  on the train.
To London.
The train was on time.
I like things on time --
  some of you must be
  roaring with that one.
The lads came and
packed the Böse in
  her case.
With skies that Northern
  Icy Blue,
  I waved her a
  goodbye and said
  I'd see her
    at the Shaw.
Winter brings a clarity
  and a crispness
  that I find warming
  and kind.
There is a beautiful
  soft light
  that if you're far enough
  and near enough to
    the water,
  you don't miss Nature's
    Summer glamour or
  Autumn highlights.
With Her make-up having
  fallen away,
  she stands naked and knowing.
British Rail has run out of
  hot water
  good thing I've gone
    off tea today
  Forty years.
  Many songs.
    Coming from different
    cycles. Cycles as far reaching as
    finding a voice to losing pieces:
    Human pieces, Song pieces,
    Woman's pieces,
    the Lovers missing
      puzzle pieces
    and not all pieces
    of all the records and the
    Bee Sides
    can be chosen
    to be a part of the Narrative.
  A Narrative that
    hopefully takes the
    through the winter
    spring summer
    fall of a woman's
  who is simply trying
  to step into her
    own authority
    of her own Being --
    without becoming
    devoured by those
    who believe themselves
    to hold the authority
    over her and other
  While not becoming
  a devourer
A medicine woman said to me once
  "Chase the Dark. Eat it. It will
  become you."
  "and what's that?"
  I asked
  "whatever you have become."
  she said.
The songs have chronicled
some of my life as I know it.
There are many I
  wanted to include
  but some work better live.
Some in their original recorded form
  aren't the versions that
  are the strongest
  representations of
  that particular song, and
  other could have made it
  if I'd had more time,
    and more room.
This is a Tale, not the only Tale
  of this Librarian.
But hopefully,
with a good log
on the fire,
this is a Tale that
will warm you...



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